Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two More Christmases and One Unicorn

We are 100% officially done with Christmas 2010!  Our Christmas celebrations stretched over 1 month for this holiday season...and now we can focus on Valentine's Day!

Last Sunday we had Grandpa Bruce (Scott's dad) and Grandma Sandy over for Christmas dinner...and gifts for Ava, of course.  She has totally caught on to the idea of presents, and now we have a hard time keeping her from opening any gift she sees!

She absolutely LOVES the little vanity that she received from Bruce and Sandy.  It came with a toy hair dryer, which she likes to use at the same time Mommy is getting ready in the morning.  Plus, it has a drawer - the perfect place for all of her play makeup and jewelry that she got this year.  I found her today in her room, twirling in circles, talking on her phone, telling someone that she needed to start getting ready to go out.  Atta girl! 

Grandpa Bruce and Princess Ava...and Darla, posing for the camera

Reading about Alice in Wonderland

Grandma Sandy providing support for Ava

The vanity!

And let's not forget the guitar...oh she rocked it!

She recevied the unicorn pillow pet on Christmas Eve...last week she was trying to ride it around her room!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with Grandma Deb (Scott's mom) and Grandpa Whitey...and peas disguised as blueberries!  (Not really, but that's what Ava thought the topping on the cheesecake was...)  She received another round of really great gifts, including her first luggage set (super cute!), and a great guitar/piano/drum toy.  Apparently the grandparents decided that Christmas 2010 was the year to give instruments...but not to keep at THEIR houses of course! :)

Ava and Buddy waiting patiently to open gifts...

Really cute boots for the snow

This package was as big as she was, and she couldn't wait to get into it!

Ta-da!  A three-piece luggage set! Perfect for trips to the grandparents' houses!

And the last gift of the evening...

Again, waiting patiently for Daddy to put the strap on her guitar/drum/piano

Showing Grandma Deb how it works...

And finishing off the evening with a quick game of soccer.  We also found out that she is NOT a fan of keep-away...

Quick update on Mommy...I have accepted a new job (same company), and will be leaving the Travel division at BI.  I'll be heading back to the Technology Solutions Group...full circle from when I first started at BI!  I'm excited about this change, and am looking forward to learning new things, and meeting a few new people (although I've already worked with quite a few of the people on my new team in my last stint there!)

See, 2011 is off to a great start already!

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Typical Suburban Family said...

WOO HOO! Congrats to you on your new position!! What an exciting start to 2011.