Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden & Guns

I remember the first time I saw the Garden & Gun magazine when I was visiting Atlanta.  To a girl from the west, the concept of a magazine about gardens AND guns was completely foreign.  But clearly, it made an impression...enough so that I can now actually blog about gardens and guns!

First, our's amazing.  Our corn is close to 6' tall and has started to tassle.  We should be eating some fresh corn in just a few weeks.  Our two tomato plants have gone nuts, like usual.  I'm glad we've cut back on the number of tomato plants we grow - these two should produce enough for Scott to can at least one batch of his salsa this year.  And our peppers...we've already had several hot banana peppers in our meals, and we just had our first green pepper this morning with breakfast.  I am so impressed with how well our garden grows - and that credit all goes to Scott.  He does an amazing job watering, weeding, and harvesting it throughout the summer. 

And now for the guns...anyone who knows me knows that I love animals.  I don't hunt.  And I don't have any interest in picking that up as a hobby.  However, I married a hunter...and he loves guns.  As a result, we have many, many guns in our house (we do have a gun safe, so they're not just laying around.)  After many years of discussion, we decided it was time that I took a firearms safety training class taught by the DNR - just to be safe.  Last Thursday was my first class - I went into the class not knowing anything about guns...and now I'm interested in learning more.  I've got 12 more hours of training, and then a range day near the end of the month.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to getting out to the range and practicing.  And Dad, I think I'll stick with the .22 for now, and save the 12 gauge for a little later. :)

I suppose since this is a blog about Ava, I should mention her, too.  As usual, it was a busy week, but good-busy.  This morning we were eating breakfast with the peppers from the garden, and it was a little spicy.  Scott and I were discussing that perhaps he had put in too many peppers into the skillet.  Ava picked that time to look at us and say, "Hot!!"  I think that got my point across to Scott. :)

Ava's been dragging her little chairs around to every light switch she can reach - she loves turning things on and off.  Scott got us at the back door yesterday afternoon working on the kitchen switches.

Today's going to be a busy day - lots to do around the house, plus I have homework (?!) for my gun class tomorrow night and I need to finish reading a book that's due back to the library before the end of the day.  So, sorry for the short blog this week, but this mommy's got things to do!  Happy Sunday!

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Jean said...

So after reading about how great your corn is doing and you are almost ready to eat it, I went and pulled ours out of our garden. Obviously ours has failed :-( It's only about knee high and while it did produce corn it was only about half a hand length long. It's gone now and I replaced with more cucumbers and tomatoes. You may have to ship me a few ears of yours :-)