Saturday, July 31, 2010

24 Hours...ALL FOR ME!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is August 1.  It seems like we were just heading up north to celebrate the 4th of July.  I don't understand why time is flying by so quickly...  I know I've said before that I'd like more than 24 hours in a day, just to get more "stuff" done.  Not even fun stuff, just ...stuff.  So, this weekend we had plans to visit Darren, Tiff, and Isabel - and usually I am super excited to catch up with them.  This week, though, I just couldn't gather enough energy to be excited about leaving all of the "stuff" behind at home.  So, because Scott could sense I was nearing a breaking point, he offered to take Ava to the Winfield's house without me, just so I could have some time alone.

And I was so relieved and happy that I actually cried.  And then I put together a list of all of the things I was going to do in those 24 hours.  So far, I've done pretty well.  The highlight of the day was sitting outside for a few hours, doing absolutely nothing (ok, that might not have been on my "to do" list, but it was nice anyway).  I listened to the windmill hitting the tomato plants (yep, they're that high now), a few dogs barking (not mine), and just soaked up the sun.  I didn't even read - just gave my brain a chance to zone out.  And I feel great now!

The dogs and I have a pretty exciting night planned - mani/pedi and a movie.  Truly, no better way to spend a Saturday night in a quiet house!

Little Ava had quite the experience earlier this week at daycare.  She was kicking a ball around the backyard, and it landed right on an underground bee hive.  They immediately swarmed her, but not the other little girl next to her.  Just Ava.  (We think it's because she was wearing a yellow dress the exact color of pollen - she must have looked like the biggest flower ever to these bees.)  So Debi came over to get them off of her, and then they turned on her.  Both Debi and Ava were stung several times, and while Ava didn't have any bad side effects, she did wake up that night in tears, and had a hard time falling back asleep.  We think she was probably reliving the experience.  Poor kid.

She's also asserting her independence more and more...not wanting to have her diaper changed (really, Ava?!), fighting me getting her dressed, fighting me brushing her teeth, fighting US, in general.  She's got quite the set of legs and arms on her...glad we moved on from biting, but hitting and kicking...?  Yikes.  Every morning is a struggle to get her ready to go to daycare.

This is why I needed some time alone.

However, I couldn't let them go without trying to get a few pics of the start to their Daddy/Daughter adventure.

It started out so well...

Uh-oh...this doesn't look promising.

Notice how her hair is flying out at the back - she was shaking her head while starting to yell.

This one just made me laugh...she had dropped Scooter and then was freaking out about it.  So, Scott tossed him to her.  I LOVE how he's flying through the air, arms out, tail up, coming straight for Ava.  I actually laughed hard at this for 2 minutes.  Another sign I needed some time alone.

Such a girl...mood swings and all.  What's with this face?  And the shaggy hair? 

OMG.  A happy face.

I think right before I took this, she looked at me and said, "No camera, Mommy."

And off they go...have fun!  I know I will.

Looking forward to seeing them sounds like they've had a good day swimming and golfing (Scott, not Ava), and hopefully she's now asleep so Scott can have fun with Darren and Tiff tonight. 

I am also looking forward to my remaining 12 hours of freedom...!  Yeah!!!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds heavenly. 24 hours with nobody around. I just had the exact opposite. Over 2 weeks of me and the boys and no daddy. It's nice to be home ;-)