Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Week of Play Dates

We had a packed calendar this week - lots of family and friend playdates to look forward to.  Mommy even had a chance to get in a few hours at the driving range - I think I'm ready to golf nine holes now!  Needless to say, it was a fun, but busy week.

Monday - we spent recovering from Ava's birthday party/Father's Day celebration.  We needed a night to catch up with things around the house!

Tuesday - we had plans, but they were changed, so we had a free night to go to the playground down the street from us.  It was fun...except there were a lot of kids there, and no other adults.  Weird.  I became the person the kids came to when they needed help getting down from the equipment, or if they couldn't reach something.  Odd, especially since I'm not really a kid-friendly kind of person (anyone who knows me, knows this!)  Scott even stepped in and had to yell at a few teenagers to stop lighting the playground mulch on fire.  I felt so old...and responsible!

I love this one...she was trying to copy these boys on the pully-thingy.  Yeah, she's not shy at all!

Wednesday - we had Ava's two-year appointment.  She's doing great, and is apparently a fabulous eater!  She's 75th percentile for height, but 90th for weight...atta girl!  She also made a beautiful crown at daycare.  My little princess.

Thursday - we met up with Scott's sister, her husband, and their two sons to go to the playground.  Hunter (4) had a great time, and Ava tried her best to keep up.  Aidan (1) was still too little to really play with them, but he had fun, nonetheless!

I love this one - they look so happy playing together!

Friday - this was a doozy of a night.  We were supposed to go to the Kaposia Days (So St Paul days) parade, but due to really horrible weather, it was cancelled.  It was also Scott's step-dad's 60th surprise party, so at least we still had fun.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me, which is a shame.  Ava had so much fun jumping in the puddles and making new friends at the party.  That girl was not afraid of the thunder at all...not even the really loud BOOMS that made the rest of us jump.  I think this is a good thing...

Saturday - playdate with Dylan and Lisa!  We headed out to River Falls, WI so we could enjoy some of the sticky, hot weather, and let the two toddlers have fun together.  Overall, they did really well -there were only a few tears, but honestly, being two and learning to share is a very hard thing, so I think it went great!  Dylan will have a new baby brother in just over a month - we can't wait to meet baby Jake!

The best part about going to someone else's house are the toys - Ava LOVED Dylan's lawnmower!  And who says you can't look sassy and stylish while doing outside chores??

"Hey, who's that cute boy at bat??"
I LOVE this picture - she just kept watching him as she was walking by!

Sunday - Mommy's been behind on reading friends' blogs, so Ava and I tried to catch up this morning.  We also headed down to Northfield to have a pool date at my friend Jane's house.  The weather was so wacky all weekend (tornado warning on Saturday night) that we weren't sure how today was going to go.  We ran into some rain on the drive down, and even had a downpour while we were IN the pool - but who cares, we were already wet!  Happily, the sun came out, and we were all able to enjoy the water.  Ava really liked swimming, so I think we'll need to be heading to the SSP splash pool a few times this summer.

And so here we the end of a weekend, looking forward to another fun week.  It will be interesting to see how Ava does with fireworks this upcoming weekend.  I'm hoping the exposure to the thunder on Friday night will help to take the edge off a bit.

It's time for this Mommy to go to bed - have a great night!


Lisa said...

That's a busy (but fun) week! I'm so glad you were able to come out yesterday. We had a great time. That is a great photo of Ava walking past Dylan in her sassy hat, and he's all boy-ish looking in his swim trunks and backwards hat. I may have to "borrow" some of those photos for our blog since I never got around to getting my camera out!

Scott yelling at kids to stop lighting things on fire... what is this world coming to?!? I guess we're all getting old... :)

Jean said...

Looks like so much fun!! I wish we lived closer so our kiddos could have play dates together. What a great week!! Miss you!