Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Days

We had a very busy week, which means that once again, we didn't have a chance to take many photos.  So, here is a random smattering of images and comments from the past few days...

Ava loves her new bed!  She only fell out once that first night, and tonight when we checked on her, she was snuggled up with Scooter under the sheet, snoring away.  This picture is not from tonight. :)  She looked so comfy in it the other morning that I just had to take a pic.

Spring is almost here!  I took Ava to daycare in a dress with no tights the other day...good thing daycare is a 15-second walk from our house!

Apparently Scooter and Ava have made up...tonight, she was trying to strap him into her booster seat with her sippy cup.

Ava looks very 1980's with her headbands like this.

She had some difficulty removing it from her head!

Thank goodness it's Sunday tomorrow...we both still need a day to recover from the week.  In fact, I am the only awake living being in the house right now.  Everyone else is sleeping/napping on the couch.  Woohoo...exciting Saturday night!

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Lisa said...

Awww, she looks so cute in her big girl bed! I'm glad she made up with Scooter. :) Headband look = awesome. She looks like she should be in that Olivia-Newton John video- Let's get Physical, Physical...