Saturday, December 5, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Ava is fascinated with the Christmas tree!  I did put ornaments on the lower half of the tree (non-breakable), but I've had to relocate the most fascinating ones to a higher level, or someone else would do it for me!  Ava discovered a few trumpet ornaments that we have on the tree, and each night we have found her blowing in the mouthpiece part of the ornament.  I have NO idea where she got that from - we don't have any instruments in our house anymore!

I love this...she's pointing to a picture of herself eating cake on her first birthday:

And then she decided to read everything she could get her hands on:

I caught her hiding by the Christmas tree one night (it's behind me) - so guilty!

She's really started to notice my shoes...she eventually got these on both feet and was trying to walk with them!

Happy girl!

By the Christmas tree again!

I made fudge today, and am going to attempt my mom's sugar cookie receipe tomorrow.  I hope it turns out yummy!

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Lisa said...

I think it's SO funny that Ava and Dylan are doing so much of the same things! He's always trying to put on our shoes (although he put his shoes on grandpa this AM) and he's SO facinated with the tree. This Christmas will be so fun with them!