Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild 'Do

Ava's hair is finally getting long enough that it comes below her collar...and Daddy can style it into crazy 'dos after her baths.  I did brush this one down before bed...her hair is already nuts during the day - it doesn't need any help!  Her hair is actually hitting below her collar - maybe someday soon we can do a little ponytail in the back.

We've been working on storing all of her smaller clothes and toys that she no longer uses.  I pulled out her old tub, and she had a grand time playing in matter where I put it, she crawled back into it.  When she wasn't looking, I hid it from her...otherwise, it would be a permanent fixture in our living room.  Ava figured out that if she stood on the edge of the tub, she could try to crawl onto the couch.  This resulted in more than one tip-over!

She likes to run around with her blanket around her shoulders, like a little shawl.  So chic!

I am SO excited about this...yesterday morning she was helping me clean.  Granted, I had a hard time getting the dustpan and brush back from her when I needed it, but she was trying so hard to copy what I was doing.  I'm sensing a Christmas gift for her...maybe a complete cleaning set!  Only the best for our little one. :)

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Lisa said...

Can't wait to see a ponytail on Ava! That will be so cute. And falling down never seems to slow them down for long! I sorted and packed up Dylan's clothes that he has outgrown yesterday. Sniff, sniff. Where does the time go?!?