Monday, October 26, 2009

Lovin' Darla, the Pony, and the much love!

We had a busy week taking photos and video, hence the quantity of posts in one night!

Once again, and I will say this until I'm a broken record, Ava LOVES Darla. Darla is so patient and sweet, and allows her to pet, pull, grab, smush, and smooch her to her heart's content. Ava cornered Darla the other night...the last pic had me wondering if too much love is possible! I just love the sheer look of joy on Ava's face as she's giving Darla her love...that little dimple is in full force!

And here are a few fun videos to round out this post...

Ava's such a strong little girl...instead of rolling the pony across the floor, she picks it up and carries it!

And in this one she's rocking her baby doll and the dog's pig toy in her chair...with an extra kiss thrown in!

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Lisa said...

Cute videos! Darla is a saint. Dylan chases Chewy around and Chewy looks like he has a panicked look on his face. But it is fun to see the love they have for their pets.