Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Three, Four, Five...Five...Five..."

Well, we've had a big week at the Goers' house - not only did Ava go an entire week with ZERO time outs at daycare (hooray!), we've also seen her vocabulary explode. She's started attempting to say her ABC's, as well as counting with the pre-school kids. She seems to like skipping over "one" and "two", and going straight into "three, four, five"...with "five" being the repeat winner. Over and over and over. Every once in a while we might get a "six" and a "seven". In fact, the other night, she sat in her crib and counted to herself for 30 minutes. I guess it really IS exciting learning something new!

She's also been repeating words as we've been talking to her, so now she's saying "please" with a little prompting. And "shoe"...I should really get her to try to work on saying "purse" and then "Coach purse, please, Dada?" :) And the other night at the dinner table, I would point to Scott, and say "Dada," which she would happily repeat, smile, and clap. Scott would do the same for me, and she would respond with "No." Ouch. No claps, no smiles, nothing, except for "No." Eventually we got a whole bunch of "Mamas" out of her, but man, it was like pulling teeth. Am I seeing a glimpse of the future when she's 13???

I love the serious expression on her face here.

Scott, Ava, and Darla were goofing around on our bed the other night. I don't know if you can see Darla's eyes in this picture but they are bright looks like she's lurking in the background waiting to attack Ava.

Ava was giving Darla all sorts of love and hugs...

Spanky ran under the bed so he wouldn't have to join in the fun.

I bought a jug of Mr. Bubbles so our bubble count is now way higher than it usually is...more for Ava to eat!

We went back to the Kaposia playground tonight, where Ava not only matched the equipment, but she attempted to climb up the slide. She became incredibly frustrated, so we helped her along the way.

Scott was having fun, too! Notice Ava in the background picking up a Slurpee cup. I was able to grab it from her before she could drink from it. Yuck! Hello people, there's a trash not more than 20 feet away!

I also tried to join in the fun, but they hurt my hands! :)

And Ava decided it was time to go, so she made a run for the baseball field.

Once we got home and gave her a bath, she passed out so quickly. I love what the fresh air does to her! I don't know what we're going to do this winter!


Megan said...

She can count, she is doing abc's...but has she said "damn it dee" yet? :)

Lisa said...

I love that photo of Scott on the playground and Ava doing her own thing in the background!