Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nine months later...

It's hard to believe that Ava has been in our lives for 9 months already. The time has flown by waaaaay too fast - it makes me wonder how quickly the next 18 years will pass.

She did great at her doctor's appointment last night...she's as healthy as can be! She's still in the 90th percentile for length (28.5") and just under the 50th percentile for weight (approx 18lbs.) All that crawling and cruising has been a good diet for her! Not that she needs to lose any weight, of course. :)

Ava told me that she's looking forward to spending Saturday night with Grandma Deb, while Mommy and Daddy each hang out with their friends for some good pal-bonding time. She always comes back home from Grandma Deb's with a big smile on her face - we love that she is close enough to watch her!

Almost time for bed - all three dogs and the babe are sleeping. I'm super tired, and am just waiting for Scott to get home before going to bed. TGIF tomorrow!

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