Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet family moments

This will probably be the last blog entry before Scott and I go to Mexico. I've been busy all week making sure that Ava will have everything she needs while she is at Grandma Deb's. At least my organizational skills are being put to good use! Scott and I were talking about how much we're going to miss Ava while we're gone. BUT, I do think it will be a wonderful thing for us to spend some adult time together.

Tonight the three of us (and Lucky) laid on our bed, and just spent some good time together. Ava and I were both laying on Scott's chest, and Ava kept poking at my face, and pulling on my hair. Scott was tickling her, and I was making faces at her, and she was just giggling away. It was really sweet, and I'm sure it'll be a memory I hold onto for a very long time.

A few nights ago, Scott trapped Ava on the couch, so I had to take some pics. Ava isn't quite looking at the camera in the 1st one, but Scott is. And he's bigger, so he wins. :) As for the 2nd pic - I know it's out of focus, but the expression on her face, and that hair!, were just too cute not to post.

Speaking of family time, it's time for me to crawl off into bed, and keep those beagles and hubby warm. Next time you hear from us, we should be well-rested, tan, and relaxed. :)

Good night!

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