Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's been a busy week!

This past week just flew by! I worked a bit of OT, which always makes the days go by fast, but this weekend was packed with fun activities.

Ava loves her waterfall soother that's in her crib - she's been turning it on and off with her feet.


And off! (the waterfall is no longer lit up)

Friday night, we attempted to give Ava her first taste of rice cereal. The looks on her face as she tried the new taste (blah), and the new texture (smushy) were priceless! She kept pushing it out of her mouth with her tongue. I do think that some of it made its way down, tho. By the end of the meal, she was bawling, so I gave her a bottle to calm her down. We tried again tonight, and it went much better. She still had weird expressions, but she kept much more of it in this time.

What's this new treat??


Saturday morning, Scott, Ava and I went to the Minnesota Zoo for the Trick-or-Treat with animals adventure. Two of the moms from my Mommy & Me class this past summer also met up with us - it was great to catch up and see how all of the babies have grown. One of the moms works at the farm at the Zoo, so we learned a bunch of stuff about the zoo we never knew before. I think the neatest thing is that Dawn (the mommy) is on the Escaped Animals Team - if a tiger gets out, it's up to her to catch it. A little bit more dangerous than my desk job!

The three babies all slept through the zoo walk, but we had fun looking at the newest exhibit - Russia's grizzly coast. It was neat seeing new animals at the zoo, especially the bears.

I just loved how pretty this exhibit was - those buffalo sure do have it made!

The mommies - Holly, Dawn, & Dee

Oh, Mummy, really? I'm dressed as a chicken?

Dragon Jack (and Ava's future prom date - they got friendly at their last meeting!)

Jama...originally she was going to be a mermaid, but that darn tail got in the way of the carseat buckle. So, she's dressed as a baby. :)

Our sleeping chicken with some real chickens!

After our trip to see the animals, we headed down to the Winfield farm, and spent the rest of Saturday, and Sunday morning with friends. It was nice to get away from the city, and we even managed to play some table tennis. Scott even had the chance to go hunting twice - but he came back empty handed each time. Oh well, still several weekends left for killing innocent animals...!

And here we are again - Sunday night, and getting ready to give Ava a bath and bottle. And perhaps, we'll even get a decent night sleep!

Good night all!


KristenMarie said...

Hey Dee. I didn't read EVERYTHING but I did read some. I have to keep up on Lisa's too. Just so much blogging. But it was cute and the pics are adorable. Ava is so big! I haven't even actually met her yet. I liked the bird story...that's funny! ;) I have a blog too...SORTA, on my wedding planning, but I don't keep up too good. Too busy all the time. But if you wanna check it out you can.

Lisa said...

LOVE the little chicken w/ the chicken photo- so cute! How's the rice cereal going? I'm looking forward to that mess soon!