Sunday, May 14, 2017

Where did Spring go?

What a beautiful weather's a sea of greens, pinks, and deep reds. The trees are bursting with color! Spring is such a short season. One day it's winter, the next day it's 80 degrees. I'm doing my best to notice and appreciate all of the beauty that comes in this shortened time  of year.

Lovely trees on a path behind Ava's school - great contrast of colors

I enjoyed a walk around a nearby lake at lunch this past week

We had a good week...busy, fun, lots of good times spent together. Thursday was THE day, though. G's daycare hosted a Mother's Day breakfast, so I was able to start the day off on a good note and a full belly. At the same time, Ava was getting ready for the third grade track and field day. I wasn't able to go this year, but it sounds like she had a great time, and enjoyed the stilts and pogo sticks the best.

To wrap up a fun day, we headed to Ava's school in the evening for Spring Art Night! There were fair food vendors, games outside, fun artwork inside, and a silent auction and raffle. We enjoyed some cheese curds, and when we went inside the school, G was the first one to make a friend. There was a little girl from his daycare there, and as soon as she saw him, she yelled out to him, ran over, gave him a hug, held his hand, and was going to whisk him away, until we told him he had to stick with us. There's nothing more cute than a few preschoolers holding hands and hugging. G's been talking about her a lot since then.

As we walked through the school, we ran into many people we is such a good feeling to know that we're a part of a community now. Love it! Ava ran into a few of her friends and ended up spending most of her night on the playground instead of with us (but we did at least get a tour of her wild picture - see below.)

G helped me put raffle tickets into baskets...and it turns out we won one! I'll pick it up from the school office tomorrow morning, so it's a surprise until then. Ava is convinced it's an art themed one, but I know we put a lot of tix into some of the backyard games baskets, so... regardless, it'll be something we want, since we only picked themes we were interested in!

We enjoyed an early Mother's Day dinner out last night. We sat out on a patio, had great food and drinks, and then enjoyed a pukey son. He drank so much liquid that he ends up throwing up. Ugh. Both Scott and I agreed that G really knows how to bring the fun to an end. After dinner, we picked up my gifts from the kids (hanging baskets for the porch) and are going to try our luck with a gardenia plant, to replace one of the daisy plants in the front landscaping. We need to head back up to Gertens for a few more replacements, and then all we'll have left is to plant flowers in pots. We are ready for summer! ( Good thing it's here, I guess!)

Love this smile, spikey bow, and scarf!

Tonight we're hosting all of the grandparents for dinner, so we'll be ending the weekend on a high note. Special Mother's Day shout out to my mom and Scott's mom. We wouldn't be where we are today, without your influence and never ending help. We love you both very much!

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