Sunday, February 26, 2017

Green Green Green!

Ava loves Fun Dip. I used to love it when I was the one eating it, but now I see it as messy and just pure sugar that gets everywhere. Yuck. But, Ava got a color-changing packet for Valentine's Day, so she had it for a treat last weekend. The powder was blue, but when it got wet, it turned the prettiest shade of green! And then G thought it was fun to be sticking his tongue out, too, so he wanted me to get a pic of his very normal colored tongue. He's big into pictures now...always wanting to take them!

No tongues, he just wanted a pic with Mom!

Ava's been busy practicing for her music program, which is later this week. The theme is America, which I find to be timely, all political things considered. Ava volunteered to have a speaking part, so she's going to kick off one of the songs!  We've been practicing a lot recently...can't wait to see how things go!

G is super excited because this afternoon, he is going to his first birthday party for a little girl at his daycare. He's been talking about it for the last few weeks, and the other day, I think he was playing with the toys we got as her's best that the party day is finally here!

Scott's making great progress on the basement.  Last week, the wiring for the subpanel in the basement was completed, so now he can do the wiring in the rest of the basement.  He's been busy working on framing the family room this weekend.  The goal is to have a big chunk of the project finished in April.  I am patiently waiting for the time that I get to be involved in the fun part of the process...decorating!

It's pancake breakfast today...we can't wait for Scott to get back from the grocery store so we can eat.  YUM!

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