Sunday, February 5, 2017

Are You a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

When G plays with his Superman toy, or watches a TV show with superheroes in it, I usually remember to ask, "Are you a good guy or a bad guy?"  And, without fail, he always says that he's a good guy. Good answer, G!
When Ava was little and big into the Princesses and Fairies, there was a brief time where she seemed to like the villains a little bit more.  I won't lie, that concerned me for a bit.  But now it's clear to see that she is a good person, with a sweet heart, and would never, ever do something to hurt someone intentionally.  Yesterday, she was playing in Minecraft, and was telling me about the Creepers (aka suicide bombers...that was a fun one to explain) and just other creatures in general.  She showed me this amazing house that she built, and I asked her if she would invite anyone inside of her house.  Her only rule was that they had to be nice and not say mean things.  Atta girl!

It makes my heart happy to know that our children have a good base for knowing what's right vs. what's wrong, and that their moral compasses appears to be working.  This gives me hope for them, and the future. 

My Facebook news feed is filled with mostly happy things...friends enjoying their vacations, family members surrounded by those they love, and funny, silly things that happen during the day.  I am lucky to know people who live their lives with kindness and tolerance as their guiding principles.  And, believe it or not, I also consider myself to be lucky to know people who I completely disagree with on the current state of this country. I have thought about unfriending them SO many times, but if I do, then I'm not being tolerant of their beliefs - as much as I disagree with them.  These are people who I actually know in real life...people who are a part of an extended family...and it blows my mind. On one hand, I know them to be really good people, yet...there seems to be a missing puzzle piece, one that I cannot figure out.  So, for that reason, I will keep them in my circle of friends, and trust that they will make their life choices based on the cornerstones of good vs. bad ideals.

Moving on to lighter topics...G said something really cute yesterday.  When I went into his room yesterday morning to wake him up, he said, "Mommy, I have a mustache!"  And I said, "What?  A mustache?" (but really wondering what the heck happened overnight...)  And he said, "Yes, right here!" and then pointed to his arm.  I told him he couldn't have a mustache on his arm, but then he showed me a bump, and proudly told me it was his mustache.  So....we had a little facial hair vocab lesson, and I thought he got it.  But, last night, he again told me he had a mustache on his arm. Kids these days, with their crazy lingo and slang words...! ;)

We also have been watching a lot of the BBC's Peppa Pig lately...I'm pretty sure Scott and Ava are sick of it, but G and I like to cuddle up and watch the proper pigs and their friends get into (and out of) funny situations.  The other night, I actually stopped cleaning up the kitchen so I could watch the episode with the new Wolf family who moved in next door to the Pig family.  There was a whole lotta "huffing and puffing" mentioned, along with Daddy Wolf asking Daddy Pig what HIS house was made of.  Humor that's completely lost on a three-year old, but I sure did enjoy the snarky response that Daddy Pig gave back, along with his smug smile. 

I'm loving the sunny days we've had recently...feels like spring is not too far off in the future; gives me hope! Hooray!

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