Sunday, August 28, 2016

23,928 Steps

Never a dull moment!  Never a chance to be bored!  NEVER!  I remember the days when I had down time, both in my personal life and at work...and I can confidently say that those days are long gone.  We started off the week with an emergency HOA meeting...the tension was high near the end of the meeting, so I was happy to head home, and let the board do what we elected them to do.

Tuesday night was Ava's literacy assessment for 3rd grade.  We never find out exactly how she does, but she informed me that she got all of the words right, except for a few that she didn't know.  I'm confident in her reading ability, so I have no doubt that she did well.  Earlier in the summer, she had told me she was scared of third grade, since she was going to have to learn both cursive and multiplication.  After meeting with her new teacher, she is pumped about learning cursive!  She begged me to teach her how to write an "a" so she could start practicing.  I have NO idea what her teacher said to her, but clearly, she flipped a switch for Ava...awesome! 

Her new teacher seems really nice, so we're all excited to see what this new year will bring.  PLUS, Ava gets to be a buddy for a Kindergartner this year.  We ran into Ava's 1st grade teacher (who now teaches Kindergarten) and she mentioned that she is usually paired up with Ava's 3rd grade teacher for the buddy program.  Even better!  We also took a few minutes to pop in and say hi to Ava's 2nd grade teacher (also teaching Kindergarten this and even though she was with another student, she told Ava to stop by on the first day of school so she could say hi.  I think this will be a great year for Ava!

There's been a lot of change at G's daycare (his room's aide went back to school.  She was amazing, so she will be missed.  Hopefully she'll be back next summer!) With that change, they've also switched up his other teachers.  I wasn't quite sure what was happening, so I made a point of asking on Friday.  Sounds like the aide from his past toddler class will become his new teacher in a few weeks.  G loves her, so this will also be good!  Looking forward to seeing things settle down and get back into a routine.

I worked late on Wednesday night, as I had a big client deliverable for Thursday.  Work keeps me busy.  I can't believe how quickly my days fly by...and I'm very grateful for that.  I remember how long the work days feel when there isn't enough work to do.  I'd much rather be busy than not!

Saturday was a super busy, exhausting, but fun day!  The kids were picked up in the late morning by Grandma Deb, so we haven't seen them since yesterday.  They'll be hanging out at their house today, too...that gives Scott and I the chance to have some kid-free time to do house stuff, errands, etc.  I'm sitting at our table, enjoying the sunshiney view, drinking a coffee, and noticing how quiet it is without those little rugrats running around, making noise. (I say that with love, of course!)  We'll bring the chaos back into the house after we pick them up tonight (after we all enjoy a dinner with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey.)

Yesterday morning, my friend Amy and I participated in our third Women Rock 5k. I hadn't seen Amy since she left BIW in April, so it was great to catch up.  The 5k flew by since we chatted non-stop during the entire time.  We did get rained on, but not to the point where it was uncomfortable.  Due to a race gear manufacturing issue, I ended up with a gift certificate to their onsite store, so we both did a little shopping before the race.  Fun!  When we left, I had around 11k steps. Not bad for 11am on a Saturday!

When I got home, I quickly unpacked my things, changed clothes, and got ready to head out to the MN State Fair.  For the 3rd year in a row, we have gone to the Fair the same day that I have done the 5k. You'd think I would learn about the proven exhaustion by now...but, nope!  My parents picked us up around 1pm, we grabbed a bus to the Fair, and then we stayed for 8 hours!  Since my parents are fairly new residents of MN, we thought it would be best if they had a guide for their first Fair experience.  We walked, talked, ate, and drank our way through the fair grounds. This year was the first time that I felt comfortable knowing where vendors were located, and could give accurate directions.  We were rained on a little bit, but overall, it was a nice, cool day to enjoy the "Great Minnesota Get-Together!"  And we managed to sneak in another 12k steps.  By the time we got home around 11pm, it was sweet relief to crawl into bed and hit the hay.  My feet are still sore. :)

Not too bad of crowds for a drizzly day

With the Fair's arrival, it's a clear signal that summer is coming to an end.  We need to make sure we're enjoying the last of the warm days...before we know it, apple picking, cozy sweaters, and cooler temps will be here!

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