Sunday, March 20, 2016

Green Machine

I have decided that St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday...just for the simple fact that I love the color green. And it is definitely a day where green is prevalent!  I usually realize, on March 16, that my kids don't have anything green to wear, and then I try to throw something together. Not this year! I was prepped with green shirts for all, and in fact, I even dressed G in green earlier in the week, leading up to the day.  What's even better is that G's daycare had rainbow day on Friday, and G's class was chosen to wear green!  (I never realized how much green he has in his closet...whew!)

Even Black Bear got in the spirit and wore a green hat!

My work had a fun St. Patty's Day party on Thursday afternoon/night, and at home, Scott made an Irish dinner...the corned beef and cabbage was quite fragrant throughout the house!

The Get Lucky triplets - Dee, Chris, Matt

This was Amy's last BIW party...but we'll still be walking/running those 5ks together!

We also had our good friends spend Saturday night with us...those crazy girls were up until almost midnight. I have a feeling there might be some crabby pants in our house today!

Waiting patiently for our table for dinner...

G had a great first week in his new room at daycare...he's made new friends, is sitting on the potty, and is eating with the big kids. Looks like his transition has been a success!

Let's not forget that today is the first day of Spring! I can hear the birds chirping, and I'm hoping there's not snow on the ground when I peek out the window in a few minutes...that was a crazy surprise yesterday morning to see everything covered in white.  I much prefer the green!

Beautiful flowers to remind me Spring is here!

I came home this week to this nice message on our driveway..."Dad" is the blob between Mom and Garrett!

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring!

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