Sunday, March 27, 2016

Football, Cupcakes and Eggs!

Scott bought G a full size football last weekend...even though it's WAY too big for G's little hands, he loves carrying it around, and trying to throw it to people.  Ava was having a great time trying to play with G, but he didn't quite understand that she was playing, and not trying to be mean.  We had to remind Ava that she can take the ball away from G, but needs to give it back to him.  I captured some fun moments of their "play" time...

I'm not sure that elbowing in the head is legal, Ava...

 Deep contemplation about something...

While Scott was off getting G ready to go pro, Ava and I had a fun afternoon of errands and a late lunch.  As we were driving all around town, she made a comment about how it was a good afternoon of Ava & Mom time.  She's now at the age where it's easy to take her places...not as much whining, she listens to directions,'s fun!  G on the other hand...taking him out is a super pain in the tushie!

We had a fairly busy week in the evenings...there was a freak snowstorm (12" by home, 1" by work...?), I had a going-away HH for a coworker, we got our taxes done (woohoo), Darla had a vet appointment (newsflash: she's an old dog), and we helped Grandma Deb celebrate her birthday!

Yummy cupcakes for Grandma Deb!

And some flowers to brighten her snowy day!

Strange March snowstorm...this is a tree by work

Ava had a great Spring Break (one of these days, we should actually go somewhere during break.)  The Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo came to her location on Monday (last night, she and Grandpa Doug educated us about the legless lizard), she went to Pump It Up on Tuesday, bowling on Wednesday, and Edinborough (indoor park) on Thursday.  Lots of fun activities to keep her happy and occupied!  And G had a PJ day and "bring a buddy to breakfast" day this week.  I was his buddy...we had fun sitting on teeny tiny little chairs, while eating a yummy breakfast of pastries and fruit. He thought it was pretty exciting that we BOTH got to drink out of juice boxes!  The only downside was that he had a meltdown when I needed to leave...even the next day he said to me, "Mommy breakfast?"

Ava's Spring 2016 picture from school

Yummy breakfast!

The kids and I were home all day on Friday, and Ava finally had a chance to paint some of her duplicate Shopkins...something she had been wanting to do forever!  Yesterday, she finished painting her flowerpots and tray set...also something she had been wanting to do for a while.  It's amazing what can be accomplished when you're at home for a few hours at a time!  At the end of the day, we snuggled on the couch and ended up watching a new Barbie movie - even G was interested in it!

Two dogs and one G on my lap...I could barely move.  Darla didn't seem to mind the massage that G was giving her...with his foot!

When Scott got home, we decided to make it a real movie night, and after G was in bed, we ordered "Daddy's Home", which was the movie we tried to see in theaters a few months ago, with no luck.  We all liked it!

Last night, Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug came over for an early Easter dinner and egg dyeing!  We had picked up a tie-dye kit last month, and it turned out to be pretty fun and easy.  The eggs don't look as pretty as they did on the box (of course) but we had a good time...and that's what matters! It got really loud and chaotic at some points, so it was a nice relief when all kids were in bed, and there were a few moments of silence for Scott and me.

Grandpa Doug and G playing ball

Workin' on those eggs...

Circles were the main result...and Scott made the only full color egg. It was fun trying something new, though!

Opening their Easter cards from Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug

And of course the Easter Bunny came last night!  The kids had a great time searching for eggs...and Ava was very good at leaving the lower eggs for G to find, and even announced her intention to help G find the last egg.  When I counted the eggs and claimed that we had one more to find, Ava wanted to know how I knew how many there were.  Ummm...the Easter Bunny had left me a note letting me know how many he had left, so we didn't leave any hidden! Thank you, Easter Bunny, for being so thoughtful and organized!

Yes, G likes Minnie Mouse.  Minnie now joins Goofy and Mickey in our collection.

I made something new for breakfast...a cheese-y, egg-y, bacon-y, crescent roll ring...not too bad!

Speaking of hidden things...G's fuzzy white puppy went missing after nap time on Saturday, and we still can't find it.  We have looked everywhere, without luck.  The good news is that G has apparently wiped the memory of white fuzzy puppy from his mind (he slept with him every night for the last year?!?) and has quickly moved on to another puppy.  Glad he's able to let things go, but sentiment for that little boy!  Unless he did away with white fuzzy puppy, and is not sad that he's missing.  So weird that we can't find it...

Wishing you a Happy Easter - what a glorious day!

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