Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time to Exit the Ride

I'm pretty sure I'm getting too used to this time off thing. I was supposed to be on vacation from work this entire past week, but for a variety of reasons, I worked on Monday and Tuesday.  Working those two days allowed me to enjoy Wed-Fri without checking in on work, whatsoever, so, it was worth it in the end!

I did manage to knock off quite a few things on my to-do list, plus, I enjoyed a 90 minute massage, had lunch with a few friends, and even managed to cook dinner on Friday night. That right there is a shocker. Generally, by the time I get home from work, it's way too late for me to make dinner, so Scott always manages that task. Based on her reaction when she saw me in the kitchen, I'm certain Ava thinks that I don't know how to cook. I should probably change that perception...

Ava had a super week as the Star Student in her class. We practiced having her read aloud to us, as she needed to read a favorite book to her sounds like she did a fantastic job, and loved having this week be all about her!

G didn't have as good of a week...he was sick from Wednesday on (thank goodness for Grandma Deb...she watched him so I could still get my massage), so we've had a lot of cuddle times over the last several days.  I think he's finally managed to kick whatever has been ailing him. Poor little guy.

Ava decided these two are the guard dogs in G's room - I think they were just staying out of the way.

Yesterday was a fun family day...Scott took the day off from his side jobs, so we had the whole family home, all day!  We met up with my parents for the best tacos ever at the VFW, and then we decided to add a brand new tv to our family. For some reason our current tv never hooked up to the Internet once we moved to this house, so we haven't been able to use all of the smart features.  This time we went with a 65" curved screen, and it connected without any issues! The biggest thing that floors me is how we barely have any wired connections to our tv...just one for the cable and one for the blu-ray...everything else is wireless. It made the set up so easy!

Totally relaxed...eating popcorn, watching a movie on the new tv...

We also had an unexpected overnight guest for Ava last of her neighborhood friends showed up in the late afternoon, and ended up spending the night. I have a feeling there are going to be two tired little girls today!  They both seemed to have a lot of fun, and that's what matters!

January was a bit like a roller coaster, but I do believe that things have settled down a bit.  2016 is underway, and I like where things are heading!

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