Sunday, August 16, 2015

Squeezing out the Summer

We're trying to squeeze the last bit out of summer, while we can.  It's been a busy few weeks with trips to the pool, the library, school prep, and other random fun stuff squished in there.

Last weekend, we took Ava and her friend to the Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America.  Mackenzie is a little bit more adventurous, while Ava is fairly cautious with trying new things.  Mackenzie was so patient with Ava, and didn't push her to ride anything beyond her comfort level.  Although, at the end of the day, if we had more time, I think we both could have convinced Ava to ride the Brain Surge AND do a complete revolution (the first time, they did revolve, at all...they stayed sitting upright.)  And, they rode a few more rides than shown was hard to get a decent pic as they went whizzing by on some of the rides!

After we were done at the MOA, we chowed down on pizza, and then headed to Yogurt Lab for a fun end to dinner.  They both got so much yogurt, and thankfully, didn't eat it all...or they would have had very full bellies!  Mackenzie spent the night, which was the first sleepover for Ava...and they both did great!  After a good nights sleep, and a yummy breakfast, Ava and I walked Mackenzie home (she lives in our neighborhood, so super convenient.)  What a great way to celebrate a very belated birthday for Ava!!

I've been keeping a running list of things we need to do with/for Ava before school starts, and we're making good progress.  School supplies purchased - check!  (And the 2nd grade teachers did a fantastic job making sure the supplies they were requiring were actually in stores!)  School shoes purchased - check!  We bought her three new pairs of shoes and they are all super cute!!!  She really wanted to get a pair of dressy boots, but the saleslady and I both talked her out of it...that might be a fall purchase.  We've been working on Ava's math flashcards, and she's finished up one of her reading logs for the summer.  She has just a few more hours to go to finish up two more.  She is loving the Junie B chapter books!

Last night, Scott and Ava went to see the Minions movie (Ava loved the movie, Scott loved the popcorn,) and today, Ava and I are going to the American Girl Bistro at the MOA for brunch.  We're both looking forward to that!  And one of these days, Ava and I will be heading out to see the Shaun the Sheep movie.  Lots of super fun things going on!

And what about that other child of ours?  He hasn't been nearly as busy, in that respect...however, he's certainly been keeping us busy running around after him!  Currently, I'm pretty sure he's trying to eat a candle and climb over everything in site.  To be fair, the candle does smell like a cookie.  He makes me tired.  :)  BUT, he and I have our toddler zoo class (fishes and frogs) on Friday morning, so I'm looking forward to that very much!  And, little G starts a new daycare tomorrow, so we're excited for this new adventure/transition in our lives.  I'm sure he'll do great!

I love that we no longer have to feed him baby food.  And, with his 16 teeth in place, he can eat so much more!

Trying to fill Daddy's shoes

His little basketball set came, and he LOVES it!

But...this ball doesn't work quite as well...

Yesterday, Ava, G and I walked 3 miles to the library and back, in the hot, humid weather.  Never again will I suggest that walk.  It was good for my FitBit steps (hit 10,000 by noon) but boy, it was uncomfortable walking in that heat.  G did great; however, he had water and was in a stroller, so it was a pleasant journey for him!

We are getting some of our hardwood floors replaced tomorrow so we purchased a dehumidifier, and our biggest question lately has been "what's the humidity level in the house?"  And boy, we can tell a difference with it running...everything feels really dry.  But, we haven't been able to get below 50%, so I know it's not THAT dry.  Ah well, it'll be nice to get the flooring issue resolved...we've been trying to get it scheduled since January!!!  Crazy!!

Time to corral the young ones...we have two ladies and one doll to get ready for a fancy brunch!

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