Sunday, April 19, 2015

So Quiet

After the craziness of last weekend, I've been looking forward to how quiet this weekend would be.

Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey picked up Ava and G on Friday night, and we haven't seen them since.  The house has been so quiet - and we've been able to get so much done! My parents took us out for my birthday dinner on Friday night - yum!  We went to Porter Creek in Burnsville (never disappoints) and the weather was so beautiful, they had the windows wide open, so there was a fresh breeze coming through while we were eating.  So nice!

Scott and my dad worked on our deck all day on Friday and Saturday, and they made amazing progress.  It's so nice to be able to walk outside of our kitchen door...into our backyard!  There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but the goal was achieved for this weekend.  The balusters are on back order, so the railings, steps, and concrete pad will come later!

The lumber was delivered mid-week.

Friday's progress: the deck boards aren't screwed down, but the frame is up!

Saturday's progress:  the boards are screwed down, so we could all walk on it!  The dogs think it's great, too!

While Dad and Scott were busy with the deck outside, Mom and I were busy getting things knocked off the to-do list inside!  We cleaned baby toys/items (to give to the neighbor), went through all of my clothes for donation (there might have been an ulterior motive on my mom's part - she's coming home with a bag of clothes from me!), Mom worked on some clothing repair while I did laundry, we picked up my car from its 100,000 mile service (what?  my car baby is getting old!), and tackled arranging the office with the new furniture. This plan was really important to have BEFORE we started moving furniture, as the desk is several hundred pounds, and we had to enlist the help of Scott and Dad to move it.  We wanted it to be a quick move, since they were so busy with the deck.

When I went to bed last night, I was thinking of everything that I need to purchase for the office. :)  Can't wait to get it all done!

To back it up a little bit...  On Thursday night, we had Ava's 1st Grade music program, and it was pretty darn cute.  The theme was all about "Peace" and how there are so many things that we can do to promote it.  There were songs about being a good friend, sharing your lunch, cleaning up litter, and my favorite, learning how to say "hi" in many languages.  This was the song where Ava had a starring role!  She and a few other kids from her class led the group in saying hello in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.  I was afraid she was going to freeze up as soon as she got to the mic on stage, but she did great! 

G also did great during this performance, even though it was close to his bedtime.  He only started his meltdown right when Ava's song started.  Sigh.  Out of all of the songs, and he had to choose that one...  So, because of that little issue, we weren't able to get great pictures of Ava's performance, but I have a few sources that were able to take pictures, and will post them as next week!  (Thanks, Grandpas!)

We've got just a few more hours of kid-free time, and I'm going to take full advantage of it!  Scott's going to make a beef brisket, and we're having all of the grandparents over for dinner tonight, so it should be a great way to end the weekend!

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