Sunday, March 8, 2015

Repeat Friday

Remember a few weeks backs when I had planned a lovely day at home with just G, and then Ava decided to puke all over the parking lot at school because she was sick?  And then I got massively ill from that germ-infested child?  And Scott wouldn't come anywhere near us for 24-hours?  Remember that.  Yeah, it sucked.

So, Friday, just two days ago, we didn't have daycare as our provider's youngest son made it to state for wrestling (way to go!)  Scott took the day off of work, as he had a long list of things to accomplish, which wouldn't have been too difficult with a 16-month old in tow.  I was happily getting breakfast ready for Ava, thinking, "This is great!  It's so nice to have another adult in the house in the morning - I can have one morning free of changing a diaper!" 

And then it became not-so-great... I realized Ava was taking a bit too long washing her hands for breakfast.  I went to check on her and what did I find?  A pukey, sick little girl.  So, I ran upstairs to tell Scott that he now had both children for the day, and I high-tailed it out of the house as fast as I could.  But, not before Scott told me that he thought Ava was doing it for attention, since she knew G was going to be at home with him.  He was kidding.  I think.  She had some symptoms that would be hard to fake, so...probably real?

I felt super bad for Scott as he wasn't able to get anything done that he wanted to, and then I felt bad for Ava because she was sick.  And then I felt really really bad for G because he missed out on a Dada-G day.  But the whole time, I was feeling really good that I was 20 miles away, not being exposed to all of the germs. :)  I'm telling you, that Friday night a few weeks ago was horrendous.

Ava was fine, and she didn't get sick again during the day, but she barely ate anything.  She was also really sad that she missed out on School Store on Friday.  She was ready to buy some popsicle-shaped erasers and other things that she didn't know that she needed, but HAD to have.

Scott was heading out of town on Friday night, so I made it home at a respectable time, and he took off as fast as I did in the morning.  (He's up north, hanging out with his best friend and his family...they had a great time yesterday ice fishing, and even the kids caught a bunch of fish!)  We'll be happy to have him home this morning!

Yesterday was okay...Ava got sick in a different way, complained of a headache and being dizzy, and then looked a little woozy.  I took her temp, and gave her a dose of ibuprofen around noon.  And once she got food in her (and managed to keep it down/in) she's been doing much better.  No temp, no headache, and definitely back to her sassy self.  She and I watched a movie last night, and enjoyed some good bonding time.  Although, she met me this morning as I was letting the dogs out and told me she had been up since 4am.  She is such a morning person, which is a great thing (she comes from two of 'em) but when all you want is silence, and there's a 6 year old, chattering loudly non-stop,'s enough to "banish" her to the other room to watch Netflix on her tablet.  It's quiet now, don't judge me.

G hasn't been sick, but he's been cranky.  He went to bed at 7 last night because he just couldn't sit still and wasn't satisfied, no matter what we did.  He didn't nap the greatest yesterday, plus with the time change, I figured it was ok to try to squeeze in an extra hour of sleep for him.  He's been so cute this week, adding new words to his vocabulary...I'm pretty sure he's now trying to say "Darla" and he loves following her around, putting his head on her like she's a pillow, and trying to pet her nicely.  Darla takes it so well...she's such a great dog.  G's made a few attempts with Lucky, but most likely senses that she's not super crazy about kids.  Ball, Dada, Mama, hi, bye, and "I did it!" are the forerunners in his word selection on a regular basis.  He also learned how to kiss on Friday night.  He either puckers up and waits for you to come to him, or he opens his mouth wide and leans it like he's trying to eat your face off.  Either way, he ends it with a big ol' smooch and a "mwwaaaaah!"  It's super, super cute, regardless of which method he chooses.

It's a lovely 34 degrees right now, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and Ava is STILL being quiet.  Seems like a great start to a Sunday! :)

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