Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good Times...Right?

Ava had spring break this week, and while we didn't go anywhere exciting as a family, she had a ton of fun each day at SAC.  We loved hearing about all of the fun things that she did during her daily adventures.  Needless to say, I think she had more fun that anyone else did this past week!
  • Monday: arcade/mini golf/bumper cars/batting cages
  • Tuesday: bowling
  • Wednesday: gymnastics
  • Thursday: Good Times Park (indoor playground)
  • Friday: Como Zoo (the highlight for Ava was seeing a spider monkey and a zebra both pee...sigh)
Even with all of that fun, she is excited to get back to school tomorrow and have her computer class, along with library, music, PE, etc. I'm just excited not to have to pack her a lunch each day.  That's one of those things where it takes less than 10 minutes, but I dread doing it.  Thank goodness for hot lunch at school!

I'm not sure if this is a sad giraffe, or a really angry one...
 Actually, the more I look at it, the more I think she's trying to give the death stare. Yikes.

In the meantime, G was off biting a little girl at daycare this week.  Fun for him probably, but not so much fun for the little one who has a bruised arm.  Ugh.  Her mom is a teacher, so she understands the whole biting thing, but I feel horrible!  I did poke around his mouth a little bit yesterday, and both of his first molars are popping through on the top, so I'm sure that's part of what's causing the biting. Plus, he's been trying to put his entire fist in his mouth to chew on it so I'm thinking that they are bothering him quite a bit.

Oh!  Scott did have an exciting part to his week.  He's been wanting a popcorn machine forever (like, seriously, forever) and he finally bought one.  It was delivered on Friday, and he and Ava enjoyed some really tasty popcorn on Friday night.  My only concern was that we find a permanent home for it outside of the, it will be a great addition to our family room/bar in the basement (once it's finished.)  Yay!

Now, it's time to make some coffee, breakfast, and spend some time with the fam!

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