Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anniversary Sod!

Our house had a very exciting week!  After months of staring at a yard full of dirt and weeds, we were finally able to make it green.  680 yards of wonderful sod...laid by my husband and friends...amazing!  Ava has been our little sod monitor, trying to keep everyone, including the dogs and ME, off of the grass until we say it's okay to play on it.  That's our little rule follower!

Not only that, but had gutters added to the house as well this week, so we no longer have soupy mud puddles after a rainfall.  I know this doesn't seem very exciting, but considering that it's been almost a year without a yard, coupled with the heavy rainfalls earlier this summer, it's been a fantastic week at our house!

Plus, we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, so that feels like a pretty big accomplishment, too.  I gave Scott gutters, and he gave me sod.  Did you know that the 9th anniversary traditional gifts are landscaping/home maintenance items?  Yeah, I didn't either...but I love it!

The backyard in's done now!

The best part is that we had a very large wooden post in our front yard (see the first pic) which marked the water main.  Three grown men were not able to remove it (and Scott is VERY strong) so the chainsaw came out at 9pm, and now we're post-free.  I laughed pretty hard watching them trying to remove it...we still have no idea why it wouldn't come out of the ground!

Ava took advantage of the warm weather, and constantly running sprinklers...silly girl!

G's doing so well...he has two top teeth just trying to poke through.  And I'm trying to encourage him to let go of the furniture and walk to me.  It's just a matter of time!  Walking (running) will come in handy when he realizes he can get away from his big sister...especially when she's trying to tickle him! :)

Ava had a lot of fun at Mackenzie's birthday party yesterday afternoon (this is the little girl in Ava's class who she made friends with right away.)  It was super convenient to walk through the neighborhood and drop her off at the party...and then G and I were able to enjoy the nice weather and extend our walk a little bit more.  I also had the chance to chat with another neighbor and her son.  I know I've said it before, but we live by some really great people!

As Ava and I were walking home after the party, she told me that she's going to have a sleepover and invite all of the girls at her school.  When I mentioned that to Scott, he informed me that he would promptly be leaving the house if that ever happened.  I suggest that perhaps we start with ONE person spending the night...and go from there!

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug are back in town for a few weeks, so we asked them to watch the kids last night, so Scott and I could go out for our anniversary dinner.  We went to a new (to us) restaurant and enjoyed the weather out on the patio.  We then headed to a bar in town, but didn't want to stay out too late, in case the kids had overtaken my parents...  Turns out that everything went really well while we were gone!

Some adult time!

My beautiful anniversary flowers from Scott :)

We've got a million and one things on the agenda for orchard/pumpkin picking, shopping, working in the garage (that would not be me!) and gettin' stuff done around the house.  Whew...should be a great day!

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