Sunday, August 24, 2014

For a Good Cause

Ava had her reading assessment scheduled for last Tuesday night, so we finally had a chance to meet Mrs. M, her first grade teacher.  What a sweetie!  Ava is going to have a wonderful time in her class.  While Ava was being evaluated for her reading and writing skills, I got to fill out more paperwork (yay) and managed to be in the right place at the right time when the school principal accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  We really like how warm and accepting everyone is at Ava's new school - it's hard to believe school starts in just a little over a week!

On Wednesday night, my "Summer of Love" event series came to an end at work.  BIW brought in Soul Asylum for the final concert, and it was awesome!  I don't remember the last time I was out at a concert BEFORE it started, but I'm glad I was for this one.  We claimed a table right in the front, and enjoyed the show from just a few feet away!

It's been a low key weekend for us (fun-wise) for which I am very grateful.  The last few weekends, while very fun, made me tired going into the work week.  I was at home with the kids on Friday during the day, so we went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a few new books for Ava (plus a free one for participating in their reading program this summer,) and then we managed to find a few new pairs of shoes and clothing items that passed her approval.  She is set for school!

Friday night was really laid back...Scott worked late, and after the kids came home, we just watched a movie...nice and relaxing.  Yesterday, he worked, as well, so we hung around home, and when he got home, we headed to a benefit for a co-worker of his.  Their 7-month old son was born with a partially formed heart...he's had 2 surgeries so far, and they're hoping he'll be able to come home from the hospital very soon!  It was a motorcycle rally, so I felt a bit out of place, but had fun, regardless!  We managed to win a few of the door prizes, Ava got one because she was the only kid there (YAY us for having TWO kids in a bar) and then we managed to win a few great items in the live auction.  It was a successful fundraiser, and that's what is truly important!!

As much as Ava hates vacuums, she's still intrigued by them.  She was totally examining hers yesterday to see what was stopping the roller from turning.  She was multi-tasking by listening to her tablet, while it!

Scott's taking the kids to visit Sandy (his dad's wife) today.  They haven't seen each other in two years, so it's good that she'll be able to see Ava again, and meet Garrett.  I know this is hard for Scott, but he's doing the right thing.  I'm interested to hear how the visit goes.  In the meantime, the house will be nice and quiet...totally looking forward to that! :)

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