Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time? What Time?

I honestly don't even know where the time goes anymore.  My days and nights are just a big blur, broken by driving Ava to school in the morning, and then saying goodnight to Ava and Scott in the evenings.  (Garrett and I are still attached at the hip so I never really say goodnight to him!)

I'm trying to think what I did this week...made lots of appointments, called a million daycare providers (no luck - argh!  Well, that's not true, I did find someone that has an opening, but it's way more than we can afford to pay,'s not really an option.)  I'm going to be persistent, though, and keep calling and calling and calling, until I find someone who can fit us in!  Worse case, our neighbor recommended a Montessori school that we could use until we clear a waitlist for an in-home provider.  Just 5 weeks to go until I'm back at work, so we need to get it situated quickly!

I did have my 6-week check-up this past Monday (all is well) and then G and I went to BI to visit with my co-workers.  We were there for almost three hours (!) but it was so nice to see so many people, and be able to introduce my little man to them.  He did great, and was fussy only a few times. 

On Friday night, I got a text from another neighbor inviting Ava over to play, so I sent her off, and then G and I went over a little later to spend some time getting to know our neighbor a bit better. It was a great, unplanned, way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday was pretty nice - I got Ava's room 100% unpacked, so she has NO boxes in her room anymore.  That was a huge feeling of accomplishment!  I also got the office somewhat situated, and am hoping to work on our mudroom tomorrow.  You wouldn't think a mudroom would take much time, but I have to clear it out in order to make room for our bench and cubby hooks that should be coming this week.  It seems like I'm taking just one section of the house at a time, and working on it, but I think that's the only way I can do it.  The next really big thing is to work on G's room.  And then today, we picked up the bed for the guest room, so that will need to be put together, too!  I feel like there are a lot of small details that need to have some attention, but am having a hard time finding the time/motivation to do so. :)

On Saturday night, we went to a co-worker's Christmas party, and I had a chance to reconnect with someone I hadn't seen in ten years, so that was pretty cool.  Plus, Ava had fun entertaining everyone, and G was a magnet for all of the ladies there.  We were hoping to look at Christmas lights on the way home, but it got to be too late, so we are planning that for next weekend.

Today, we had our family pics, and G's one-month pics, taken.  We were able to almost complete our Christmas shopping, and then enjoyed a family brunch (I thoroughly enjoyed a mimosa!)  We had wanted to see Santa, as well, but the line was waaaay too long.  So, that's also on the list for next weekend.  Ava was a little panicked thinking that we wouldn't see Santa before Christmas, but we told her that we WILL make it work!

I was also able to sterilize all of the baby bottles, in hopes that we can start bottle feeding G this week.  I have a Christmas party on Thursday night that I am going to, which means that Scott needs to be able to feed G without me.  Hoping it goes ok - we'll have to try it out a few times this week to make sure he takes the bottle well. 

I was thinking back about my maternity leave with Ava, and felt like I had everything so well-planned while I was out...I knew when I was going to start pumping, we had a good schedule in place for her, daycare was taken care of, etc.  This time, I feel like we're winging it a bit, and I'm not so sure I like that feeling.  I think I'm too much of a type A to be able to let these things happen as they will, so...I think it's time to tighten up on our routine, and start knocking things off the to-do list.  Otherwise, I think I might slowly lose my mind. :)  No, really.  It's driving me crazy.  (I haven't lost it yet, so there's still hope...!)

This coming week is Ava's last week in school for two weeks, so it is going to be very, very busy around here - plus we need to finish up with all of the Christmas stuff, and continue to unpack.  I'm certain that by next week, when I'm ready to write another post, I'll still have no idea what I did in the coming week.  But, as long as I'm getting stuff done, I guess that's a step in the right direction.  Right??

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