Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

What a great turkey day this was!  My parents were in town for the holiday, so not only did we get to have Thanksgiving dinner with them, but they were also available to provide two extra sets of hands to help us with projects, entertaining the kids, etc.  While I don't feel like our to-do list is getting smaller, I DO know that we accomplished some of the bigger tasks over the last several days. I want everything to be done right now, but frankly, that's just not realistic!  Gotta keep those expectations in check...  One thing at a time has become my new motto!

Our dinner on Thursday was wonderful - instead of preparing everything from scratch, we were able to utilize Byerly's meal service, and simply had to heat things up.  And it was gooood!  Really good.  Surprisingly good.  I would definitely recommend it!  Plus, it then gave us more time to spend as a family...eating, drinking, playing, and enjoying each other's company.

We started off the meal, at Ava's request, by telling everyone what we were thankful for.  I think it's great that a 5 year old felt that was important - and it was good to take a few minutes to publicly acknowledge all of the blessings and joys we have in our lives!

Enjoying her new "I Spy" puzzle

Scott made his very first pumpkin pie...and it was good (says the people who like pumpkin pie...I do not, so I didn't partake in the pie eating part.  But it smelled good!)

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug with Garrett


Love this family!

Getting the kids under control!

Ove Glove Love!

Beer buddies

The rest of the weekend flew by (no Black Friday shopping for us!) and my parents drove back to Colorado on Saturday.  We spent the remaining time organizing (my car is in the garage - yah!), hanging curtains, and starting to decorate for Christmas.  It's interesting how much longer things take with two kids...Ava was so excited to decorate the tree, but Garrett was demanding a lot of attention from the ornament-prep guy (Scott.)  So, half the tree is decorated, and we'll tackle the rest in the next few days.

Garrett had his one month check up today, and he's doing great!  He's up to 8lbs, 14.6oz, 21.5" long, and looking good!  His eyes are a pretty blue-gray color so it'll be interesting to see what color they end up as.  The doctor did say he did not see any hint of brown in them, so they might end up staying more on the blue-ish side. He's happy and healthy, and that's the most important thing!

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