Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Holiday Fun!

Well, another Christmas is in the books...and it was a fun one!  We opted to stay in Minnesota for Christmas this year (can't imagine traveling with a 7-week old...) so it took some (self-induced) pressure off of getting ready for the holidays.  The weeks leading up to Christmas were busy enough - I can't imagine trying to add a trip in there, as well!

We had fun with so many things this holiday season: making fudge, driving around looking at Christmas lights, going to parties, visiting with Santa, wrapping gifts (haha, not really fun...), spending time with Scott's family on Christmas Eve, and enjoying Christmas day in our new home.

Next up: we're hosting a little party at our house on New Years Eve, so that should be fun.  I'm SO ready for 2013 to be over!

I spent some time this past week getting things in order to go back to work on January 21.  My email inbox is cleaned out, I shifted my hours a bit to accommodate an additional daycare drop off (YES!), and I've even learned that I'll be getting a new project when I get back to work.  I can't believe I go back in 3 weeks!!!

We did find daycare for Garrett...I was getting really nervous that we weren't going to find anything for him, and we'd have to settle for something that wasn't quite right.  A referral from another daycare (with no openings) came through...and I'm glad I called when I did.  She received a few other calls right after me, so I got in at just the right time.  She's an in-home provider, located less than 2 miles away from our house.  AND, she'll have room for Ava over the summer and for next year before school (she's in the same district as us, so Ava can ride the bus to school from there!)  Of course, we need to take a look at the pricing for Ava, but man, that would be so convenient to be able to bring both kids to the same place!

The house is still slowly getting unpacked.  I worked on the office a bit today, and tomorrow, it's all about G's room!  At least he's completely oblivious to the boxes in his room!  G, Ava and I have a playdate scheduled next week with a bunch of women/kids from the neighborhood. Can't wait - and I know Ava will be excited to meet more kids in the area.

Ava was enjoying a snowy sled ride in our backyard

Cuddling with the kiddos on the couch

Trying out a few different carriers for G - but both made my back hurt.  He just loves to be held!

SOOOO big!

Enchanted by his mobile...

Love that smile!

And I love it when he sleeps!


Leaving letters, fudge and eggnog for Santa

Christmas joy...maybe.

This was quite a surprise gift from Scott's grandma!

Ava was excited to see what Santa had brought her.


Our first foray into Legos...we had fun!

The first thing Ava asked for was a rattle for Garrett.  She couldn't remember that she was going to ask for a pogo stick (momentary panic, perhaps...) so when she told Santa she wanted something to jump on, he guessed a trampoline.  Nope!  Not going down that path...or even the pogo stick path! :)

Enjoy the remaining days of 2013...they won't be here long!

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