Sunday, September 8, 2013

The End of Summer

School has now started, so things are getting back into a somewhat normal routine.  Kind of.  Actually, I don't even know what can be defined as normal anymore.  Everything has felt suspended over the last several we're constantly waiting for things to start/finish.  Waiting for the new house, waiting for Baby Boy to arrive, waiting, waiting, waiting...

In the meantime, at least we're having fun while we're waiting!

Lucky Scott :)

Ava getting her first pedi - she loved the fairy chair!

Pretty toes for a pretty girl

We had a visitor the other night...

Ava started Kindergarten (at Kaposia in So St Paul) this past week - yahoooo!  She and I met with her teacher (Ms. Meister) the day before school started, so they could get to know each other, and so Ava would feel comfortable in the classroom.  Since we were the last conference of the day, we took our time, and had a chance to chat for almost an hour.  Ava had a great time checking out her new classroom, and figuring out where all of her school supplies go (both in her cubby and her locker.)  We also saw our old neighbor Aubrey at the school (he works there) so we had a chance to catch up with him for a little bit.
Ava did fantastic on her first day this past Thursday - I asked her if she was nervous, and she said, "NOPE!"  She was really excited to go and meet new friends, see some old ones, and get into a big school.  A lot of my friends/co-workers have kids who started Kindergarten this year, and most of the moms have been pretty teary-eyed about it.  After I dropped off Ava on the first day, I was walking out to my car, and thought to myself, "Should I be sad?  Crying?  Something??"  Honestly, I was just super happy for her to be starting a new adventure (and for us to be saving some money on childcare least for a few months until Baby Boy goes to daycare!)  I'm excited to see everything that she learns this coming school year.  I enjoyed school, and I'm hoping that Ava maintains a positive attitude about it for the next 13+ years!

Her first homework assignment...she had to draw a picture of her doing something she enjoys.  She's picking apples with her new teacher and her baby brother.

Her career choice has changed a bit since last year (mermaid).  Now she wants to be a Mommy who works on computers.  And who stays up late (her words.)  After the "stays up late" comment was made, I then got a lecture from her about how I need to come to bed earlier. :) 

Baby update:  I'm 31 weeks, and still doing well!  Our scale has been packed away since we moved, and I've had no idea how much weight I've gained.  I feel like it's been a ton, but when I went to the doctor on Friday morning, they told me it was only 18 lbs, which is wonderful!  The recommended amount is 25-35 lbs, so I should be right on track.  I'm at the point where I can't eat as much without getting heartburn, so I've been limiting my portion sizes, plus have been watching how late into the day I eat.  I'm hoping that all of this means the weight won't be impossible to lose after BB is born.

House update:  Scott did a walk through with the job sup last week, and confirmed that all of the electrical had been placed correctly. Next up should be sheet rocking.  I'm going to drive down later today to see if anything else has changed.  At this point, my pics aren't very fun - just lots of wires, outlet boxes, etc. :)

Although, Ava got very excited when she spotted what she thought was a smoke alarm (I'm still not sure if it was that, or a light in the mud room area...)

Something else that's been keeping me pretty busy is the upcoming wedding for one of my friends.  Angie and Chad will be getting married in Italy next month, and then holding a reception in St Paul in November (exactly one week after Baby Boy is due...)  I'm a bridesmaid (not attending the wedding), so it's been interesting ordering my dress and guessing what size I might be one week after having a baby.  Since Baby Boy will only be one week old, it's going to make for an exhausting reception day for me.  Scott's going to be with us the whole day of the reception (skipping hunting, even) so I can partake in some of the wedding festivities, without having BB attached to me, the entire time.

Yesterday, I was a co-host of the personal shower for Angie.  We've been planning this shower for two months, so it's been nice to see it all come together.  We had great weather yesterday - lots of sunshine and blue skies...perfect for winery tours!  I had booked a limo for the nine of us, and our first stop was the Dancing Dragonfly Winery in St Croix Falls, WI...and what a beautiful place!  I told Scott that I can't wait to go back there next year where I can try their wines, and enjoy their patio...they even have beer for purchase, so Scott can enjoy the trip, too. :)

Next up was a stop at St Croix Vineyards in Stillwater, MN...this one is right next to Aamodt's Apple Farm, and it was packed!  There was a live band to enjoy, and it was also their annual grape stomp.  Normally, in order to be selected to do the grape stomp, you have to have your name drawn from a basket - totally random, and the odds aren't great that you'll get to do it.  They made an exception for us, and our entire bachelorette party got to stomp away!  That was the weirdest feeling...whole grapes popping between the toes...grape juice flying everywhere, and then trying not to slip out of the barrel!  Very fun, and something to check off of the bucket list! 

We had an awesome limo driver, and he let us stay a little bit later, without charging us any additional fees.  He also does a lot of the Christmas light tours, so I think it would be great to get a group together and book him for this winter!

Anyway, after we got the grapes juice hosed off of us, we headed back to the house, ate a yummy dinner, played games, opened gifts, and enjoyed the rest of our night.  I did win the game for "what's in the purse" - the girl sitting next to me gave up after she saw how I was getting most of the stuff on the list. Granted, she had a cucumber in her purse, so she won for the most unique item.  :)  I finally made it home at midnight last night, which made for a very long day for this pregnant lady (12+ hours.)  But, it was fun...Angie enjoyed herself with friends and family, and that's what matters in the end.

Getting the party started off with shots!

Angie took the first one

Getting ready to head out!

Patio (and our limo) at Dancing Dragonfly Winery

Tasting at St Croix Vineyards

They sell a lot of honey products at Aamodt's - I had fun watching the bees (something to do since I couldn't taste the wine!)

Getting ready for the stomp!
After the grape-y mess!
Tina had bought some raspberry wine-infused chocolate sauce at the vineyard - very tasty!  Meanwhile, in the other corner of the limo, we were enjoying mustard infused with champagne (on pretzels...SO good!)

Dan, our driver - great guy!!

So, today is all about catching up and doing my normal weekend things...there's a nice breeze coming through, with pockets of sunshine, but there's definitely the feel of fall in the air. It's been a great summer (odd at times), but I am SO excited to see what the rest of 2013 holds for us!

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