Sunday, September 22, 2013

Locking it IN!

YES!!  We were able to lock in our interest rates this week, as we are estimated to be within 60 days of closing on our house!  We're cutting it really close, so we're still checking to see if the builder can do anything to cut off some time (without compromising quality.)  The bank initially told us a November 10 close date, and I just snorted...because, of course, my due date is November 9.  So...we'll see how it all plays out!

We stopped by the house this morning, and as we were walking around the front, the next door neighbor to the west came out and introduced herself.  She and her husband both work for the U, and they have a cute little 6-month boy named Paul.  She (Amanda) was telling us about the neighborhood, and was just so easy and fun to talk to.  They've lived there for a few years now and really like the neighborhood.  It reaffirms that we made a good decision in choosing that neighborhood!

We've been trying to buy new items for the house over the course of the summer, so we're not hit with a huge expense once we move in.  I just finished buying the last items we need for the kids' bathroom - never thought I'd get so excited about picking out fun towels. :)  We're going to focus on window coverings next, as we'll definitely want to get those up quickly.  Things are coming together nicely!

We've got siding on the back, the east, most of the west, and now they're working on the front!

The biggest thing I noticed inside was that the ceilings are now finished...

Inquiring about the location of her smoke alarm (no, it's not right there...)

Ava was pretending to wash her hair in the bathroom - silly!

Our finished tray vault it!

Scott was hunting this weekend down in Grand Meadow (at the Winfield's) so Ava and I joined the fun (NOT hunting) yesterday afternoon.  We met up with Tiff, Isabel and Evy, spent some time at the playground, enjoyed a nice dinner out, and then got to hang out with some more friends later into the evening.  I actually managed to stay awake until almost 11, which is unheard of when I go to their house! :)  Ava and Isabel had a good time, for the most part...although, they fought a bit more this time, and there was much more drama than usual.  It's hard being 5, I guess...
Regardless, I always love catching up with Tiff, and seeing what's new with them - I still wish they lived closer!
Isabel chasing Ava...
Brave girl!

Once we got home today, Ava met up with the neighbor girl and played with her for several hours this afternoon.  I'd say that Ava had a pretty awesome day!  We did work on some homework after dinner and read a few books, but I'm pretty sure she fell asleep within minutes of going to bed.  It's not even 9pm, and I'm the only one awake in the house! :)
Baby Update:  he's doing great...strong heartbeat and moving as much as he can, given his space is getting smaller!  My numbers look good, so we're right on track for things.  I have a feeling he'll be here a bit early, but I'm hoping not really early...I still have a lot to do to finish getting ready for his arrival!
Such cute little shoes!  My friend Emilie's sister just had a baby and they had lots of extra shoes so they sent Em home with a pair for our little guy. :)
Time to try to sneak in a bit of work before tomorrow...although I'd much rather watch a movie and then go to bed. :)

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