Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown 2012

Nine more days till Christmas is here! And someone is pretty darn excited for Santa to come and visit.  She thinks every day is Christmas and that it's time to open the gifts. By the time the 25th rolls around (assuming we all survive the end of the world this coming week), she's not going to believe me when I finally say YES to opening those gifts!

We've had a nice few weeks, including the following fun activities:
  • We hosted a Christmas party at our house, and had a great time eating and catching up with friends. 
  • Ava and I went to the Nutcracker (performed by the Twin Cities Ballet.)  She and Kelsi did surprisingly well paying attention and staying in their seats.  Can't wait to see it next year!
  • The Goers' family Christmas party was this past Friday, and I think I made it till midnight (maybe) before I crashed on the couch with Ava.  Scott, however, made it till 2am.  We had lots of fun seeing all of the cousins!
  • I'd like to say that we're done shopping, but...we've made a big dent in the list, and only have a few items to go, which is a good feeling.  Secret Santa starts tomorrow at work, so at least I'm prepared for that!
  • The weather was a bit drizzly and foggy last night, but we still made it out to check out some Christmas lights. It seems that more people decorated than they had in years past.  It was fun to see what crazy decor some people have come up with.  I think I'm most impressed with the 12' tall Ferris wheel that someone had in their front yard.  There were several "tours" checking out that house - and I can see why!
  • Two different kinds of fudge, and sugar cookies have been made.  Today, Ava and I will decorate the cookies. After that, I think I'm done baking for the season.  So...I think the snowflake peppermint bark will be perfect to make on a chilly January afternoon. :)
We're going to wrap some gifts and work on the Christmas cards today, but I don't think we're going to make it to the Holidazzle parade tonight.  Sunday nights are good nights to stay at home!

Ho Ho Ho!

George the Elf was found holding onto the juice bottle...Ava was worried he was going to be cold.  I reminded her he lived at the North Pole, so he was used to it!

Getting ready to head out to the Nutcracker.  We were under a Winter Storm Warning that day, so we had to bundle up.

Kelsi, Ava and the Nutcracker!

Pretty Kelsi!

Ava wasn't as thrilled that Mom was taking pics.

George wanted to take some time to smell the flowers! Ava thought he was going to get wet.  She is awfully concerned about George's well-being this year!

We've got a busy week coming up...tomorrow is Ava's last night of tumbling, we have an old-school holiday party at my work on Wednesday, and then Ava's pre-school Christmas concert is on Thursday night.  Scott and I are even going to sneak in a date night next Saturday - woohoo! Should be lots of fun!

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