Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Friends

Even though we don't live in a neighborhood with lots of kids (still hoping to change that in 2013), we're fortunate to have friends with kids right around Ava's age.  One of my closest friends, Angie, is dating a man who has a four-year old son, Brady.  We've had a few play dates, and they seem to really get along and play well together - even minus the common factors such as princess dress-up or Transformer toys. 

This past play date, Ava was getting a little pouty near the end, and like a nice little boy, Brady was trying to cheer her up and make her laugh.  Since this isn't the first time it's happened between Ava and a little boy, it made me ponder (very briefly) how early the "traditional" gender roles manifest themselves with children.  All I can say, is that I think someone is going to have their hands full with our stubborn and sassy girl! :)

Angie did a fantastic job of lining up activities for Ava and Brady to do at their last play date.  It was awesome for me, as well - all I had to do was show up!  Since it was just a few days after Halloween, we thought it would be fun for them to wear their costumes so they could get one more use out of them.

First up...decorating brownie pizzas!
Bumblebee (Transformer) and Jewel Sparkles (Lalaloopsy) did a fantastic job covering their desserts!

Angie has had a bat pinata that she has used as decoration over the last few years.  A pinata won't last long when you have a four-year-old around!  Angie filled it full of non-candy items (raisins, animal crackers, etc.) which was AWESOME considering the bags of candy that they had just acquired from trick-or-treating, and we let them go to town!  We gave each of them three tries to hit the pinata, blindfolded, and when that just wasn't working, we let them have free reign, with full vision.  I'm not sure who made the first cut, but they had an absolute blast!

Ang telling them the rules...
Now that's a cute bat!

Brady's getting ready!

Ava's turn!

Action shot...not sure she connected, though!

Brady has his own cheering section!


And what's another fun, fall activity?  Bobbing for apples!  It was a little chilly that night, so we brought that game didn't last too long, but they still had fun!

And...we still weren't done for the evening! I suggested a bath, and then a showing of the Charlie Brown Halloween special.  It was a perfect way to wind down from all of the excitement...
I know my time of posting "naked Ava pics" is coming to an end, but they played together so well and had so much fun, I had to post these innocent pics!  Ava and Brady did great in the questions about their physical differences (whew.) 
Brady thought it was hilarious that Ava's rear was right at eye level - look at that grin!

Brady had a great time creating some massive tidal waves in the tub...I think Ava was just trying to stay out of the way!

Once everyone was all cleaned up, Ang built a fire, and pulled out a new game to play.  We watched the movie, had some wine, and read some new books.  I'll be honest, that was a Friday night, I had a long week, and the fire and wine put me to sleep.  Not surprising, of course. :)  But, it was a great way to kick off the weekend, and we are definitely looking forward to our next get together!

Hey, who's this guy?  We are right in the middle of hunting season, so Scott's been gone four weekends over the last 1.5 months.  It's certainly given me an appreciation for single parents...but it means that Ava and I get to spend a lot more time together, and we're finding new, fun things to do, which is great!  I know that Scott's been missing us, and is looking forward to being home once hunting season is over.  At least he's able to sneak in some cuddle time when he can!

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