Sunday, August 12, 2012

Next Size, Please!

It's never an easy task to do the "switch up" of clothes to the next size.  Luckily, we've been blessed with a ton of cute hand-me downs from Scott's cousin, and I washed and organized everything into storage tubs with the sizing labeled, etc.  But, it's still a task to get all the old stuff out, and the new stuff arranged.  However, now I can see where we have gaps in clothing (um, shoes!) and shop accordingly for the upcoming year.

I've been putting off this task for a while now...I figure, it's summer...Ava can wear dresses and shorts, and no one could really tell how small her clothes might be getting.  Except for her! It got to the point where she'd ask our daycare provider to check the sizing on her clothes, and if Debi told her it was 3T, Ava wasn't happy with it.  And then Ava started giving me a hard time about putting her in clothes (even though they really did still fit ok!) that had a 3T label.

So, this past Friday we didn't have daycare, and while Ava was occupied watching "Fireman Sam" (again) on the iPad, I got this task all taken care of.  Good grief, that girl has a TON of clothes!  It's ridiculous!  And when I did a count of her inherited 4T jeans, she has at least 15 pairs. This kid has more clothes than I do!  Crazy!

Oh, that Fireman Sam saves the day again!

Ava fell in love with this vest instantly, and didn't want to take it off.

The growing pile of clothes.  Inside her room is the outgoing 3T's...and the trail outside her door is the new 4T stuff.

This morning we went out to brunch in Woodbury, and Scott put Ava in a new pair of 4T jeans. Her comment?  "MOM!  These are too long!"  I will never win.  Never.

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Lisa said...

I just went through all of the boys' clothes too. Shoes and pants are what we are missing! (Well, for D anyway- J is set). Can you believe how fast they grow??