Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter...a little late!

Where did April go?  Last I checked, it was Good Friday, and now it's going to be May next week.  Granted, I knew coming in to April that it was going to be a busy month, but I didn't think it would fly by quite so quickly!

Easter was very fun this year!  We had a hard time keeping Ava out of the rest of the house until all of the eggs were ready to be found.  I was a little concerned about the dogs getting into the candy-filled eggs, but we managed to keep things under control (and out of doggie mouths.)

Ava had a BLAST looking for all the eggs. I'm so happy that I counted the eggs before I hid them, as the last one was REALLY hard to find - I hid it too well!  But, I need to give her some credit - she looked in places that I thought would have been too hard for her to locate.  Next's on!  Let's see how good her tracking skills really are!

My favorite place that she looked was UNDER Darla.  More than once, she went up to Dar, and tried to get under her to look.  And St Darla just laid there and let her.  For the millionth time, what a good dog...

The Easter Bunny tried to keep the basket under control this year...and we tried to take the focus off the candy.  She only got jelly beans in the plastic eggs, and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.  But, then she got some other really fun non-food stuff.  I LOVE this dress...I think this is what she'll be wearing for her 4-year photos.

On the hunt!

Is it there?  Nope!

Good start, Ava!

How about under Darla?  Good try!

We had a great Easter dinner at Scott's grandma's house...lots of family, great food, and happily, not a ton of candy!

This is a cute look...a fluffy skirt, no top, and a furry puppy.  It certainly makes her happy!

After Easter, we had a really busy week, which led up to me leaving for Vegas for a week.  And then my birthday.  And continuing to work on the house.  Seriously, non.stop.busy.  But it's all fun and good, so I'm not complaining!

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