Sunday, January 29, 2012

If She Would Only Tell Us...

Scott and I are struggling with one aspect of potty training Ava...she's got #1 down, no worries there.  And she's certainly aware when she needs to poop - we find her in the corner, hiding behind furniture, doing everything possible so we don't find out that she has to poop (and is pooping.)  In fact, this morning, Scott found Ava in her room, hiding behind her laundry hamper, with the fabric top in her mouth, biting down on it because she was pushing so hard!

More often than not, we catch her halfway through, and we may or may not make it to the toilet in time.  I'm tired of cleaning out underwear...we've asked her if she likes the feel of poop in her pants.  We've asked her why she doesn't tell us when she has to go.  We've given her positive reinforcement, we've tried negative reinforcement....and nothing works.  We only get a shrug, and a tiny "I don't know why" as an answer.

This morning, she was so happy that she got to put a sparkly princess sticker on her chart (reward: light-up shoes after 8 successful times.)  However, 5 minutes later, we found her in the corner, once again (this was the hamper biting episode, as a matter of fact!)

If there are any suggestions that have worked for other kids, we are open to them.  At this point, I'm thinking we'll be sending her to school in pull-ups!  Although, I have to keep telling many adults do I know that aren't potty trained?  Chances are likely that one of these days, she'll actually want to go in the toilet and not her Rapunzel underwear!

Hoping for better potty luck in the coming week!

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Lisa said...

Oh Dee... I wish I had some good advice, but number 2s were tricky in this house too. One day she'll just get it, but until then... ugh. How frustrating for you. It sounds like you have tried everything I can think of! Hang in there... I think we need another night out!