Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful time of the year!  2011 was a great holiday season for the Goers family.  We flew out to Colorado on 12/23 to celebrate Christmas with my parents, and our little chatterbox talked non-stop on the outbound flight.  Even better, she amused everyone in the gate area with her observations about the plane:
  • Where's our plane? (Sitting right at the end of the jetway, honey.)
  • Our plane is out of gas!!  (No, it's not - it hasn't moved...why do you think it's out of gas?!)
  • The plane has no wheels! (Yes it does - you just can't see them right now...they're on the ground.)
  • Where are the wings?  Our plane has no wings?!  (Sigh.  Yes, it does - see them sticking out from the side of the plane?)
  • Random girl in the gate area, "Our plane seems to be deteriorating."
Luckily, all of us (plane included) made it to Colorado, without any issues with lack of fuel, wheels, or wings.

We only left the house once over the long weekend, and that was to make a snowman.  The snowman adventure was pretty fun - my favorite part was when Ava tried to put the carrot nose on, and pushed too hard.  The head fell off, and she screamed bloody murder.  Pretty funny!  We also had a great little snowball was the perfect way to have a white Christmas, without dealing with the downfalls of snow!

Christmas Eve was so much fun, watching Ava open her gifts - "Iloveyouthankyousomuchwhatisit?"  Can't say she doesn't have (some) manners!  We also watched the Polar Express, which I thought was awesome!  My parents have a great sound system in their home, and Ava is still talking about the train shaking the house as it pulled up in the movie!

Christmas day was also wonderful, once Ava realized that Santa had indeed made it to Lone Tree and left her gifts.  The two highlights?  "Rupunzel underwear!  Thank YOU!!"  and of course, the Hermey chapstick. 

Did I mention that Hermey was also a constant figure that weekend?  Ava talked about him quite a bit, and let us know that he fixed her kitchen with a screwdriver, and that he's a "workin' elf."  But I'm getting a little confused because she's now told me he's her little brother and her son.  So, we have an elf fiance, husband, brother and son.  Scott and I are going to retire Rudolph for the season, so it'll be interesting how long Hermey continues to be a part of Ava's chatter.  (Side note: Ava just told me that Hermey's not here any more....he's a hard workin' elf, but he's just not here any more!)

Our visit in Colorado came to a quick end, and before we knew it, we were back on the plane to Minnesota.  Again, chatter-chatter-chatter until the last 15 minutes when it was non-stop crying due to the pressure in her ears.  She kept hitting herself in the head, crying that her ears were broken, and that I need to turn them up!  Poor kid - how do you explain that sensation so they understand?

As the last hurrah to the 2011 holiday season, we went south to celebrate New Years with the Winfield family.  Good food/drinks, conversation and friends!  Isabel just got new bunkbeds, so after they were assembled, the girls had an excellent time playing on them.  For the first time ever, Ava and Isabel managed to sleep in the same room - and they actually...slept!  Granted, they didn't get to bed until after midnight (not for lack of trying on our part), so when they crashed, they were out.  Our little Ava was up nice and early though, and managed to be a little stinker until it was time for her nap today.  I think we all could have used a nap today!

It's funny, many of my friends were very happy to see 2011 be done, and were cheering on the arrival of 2012.  We're looking forward to a brand new year, with big changes ahead!  Welcome, 2012!

Riding the train to baggage claim in Denver

What a cute lil cowgirl!

Or gnome :)

Protecting her sandwich from Daddy

Looking less than excited about decorating cookies

Still not interested...


Well, ok, I guess I'll help.  Reluctantly.

No one told me this could get messy (a little frosting got on her finger...notice the look of disgust...)

Oh, Mommy, it'll be OK!

Showing Grandma Karen the 2012 Ava calendar

All decorated with bows!

Playing the memory game with Mom and Grandma Karen

Leaving eggnog for Santa

We have a tradition of making the eggnog a different color.  The purple attempt resulted in a pretty gross grey color.

Add a little rum, and it no longer matters that it's grey!

Hermey, my love!

Learning about Silly Putty

The traditional apples and oranges in the stockings!

Grandpa Doug looks so surprised!

Horrible picture of me, but I love how Ava looks like she's ready to battle crime with a thing of chapstick in each hand.

Maybe Daddy really was surprised!

Can you spot the three Hermey's in this picture?

Loves to grab Daddy's face...

Where does the carrot nose go?

Making the snowman she had been asking about for weeks!

I wouldn't trust that guy either, Ava!

Make the first move by kicking snow at him!

Our snowman had a distinctly evil face to him...and then Scott put an arm growing out of his neck!

We neutralized him a bit. :)

My little snow angel!

Jumping on my little snow angel! :)

Opening gifts back in Minnesota

This is what it looks like to be reprimanded by a princess...

This was the best gift I got all year - this was made for us by Ava at her daycare.  It'll be so much fun to look at those little handprints as she gets older!

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