Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Blessings

This mommy loves shoes.  Shoes with heels.  And apparently, so does Ava.  The other morning I was downstairs and heard a very loud clomping noise on our tile floor.  When I went to check it out, what did I find?  Miss Ava wearing my 4" heels, strutting around the living room.  She made it all the way from our bedroom into the living room, with both shoes on - and didn't fall!  Pretty impressive considering she's only 2, and they were about 50 sizes too big!

I sense some sassiness in this picture...

Yeah, Ava, sometimes I look at them too, and wonder why I'm wearing them!

Getting ready for Easter!  Our attempt to have Darla wear them didn't go as well.

Lining up her toy bins.  Notice she's IN one of the toy bins.  When I asked what she was doing, she replied, "I not crazy!  I'm a toy!  I'm a yo-yo!"  Ok.

And then we had Easter...we had a nice family brunch, with an egg hunt, and too many Easter gifts.  I think we went a little overboard this year.  Hoping we aren't setting any bad precedents.  Ava LOVED the Princess blanket I made for her - it's nice and big, so both of us can curl up under it when we watch cartoons together before bed!

In the afternoon, we went to Scott's uncle's house and spent the beautiful day outside.  Grandma Deb entertained us ALL (kids and adults alike), by making bubbles galore, organizing the funniest ball game I have seen in a while, and pretending to be a variety of jungle animals.  Even tonight, Ava was making monkey noises while brushing her teeth!  It was truly a gorgeous day - well spent with friends...and the SUN finally!  True Easter Blessings for a wide variety of reasons!

Easter Basket time!

Looking so hard for those eggs!

Hamming it up with Daddy!

That's my girl!

Second hunt of the day...

Chasing bubbles

Savante, aka Chubs

More bubbles!

Moving onto the ball game...Ashley tagging Deb!

Atta girl - looking at flowers in the middle of the field...while the game was going on!

Even Great-Grandma got involved!

Grandpa helping Ava with the eggs...

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and your family, as well!

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Jean said...

I love the heels! So cute! Happy belated Easter. Miss you guys!