Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random Days and Nights

Our tree is up. Some presents are bought (but not wrapped, of course), the Christmas cards are ordered, and I have decided not to bake any of my Christmas goodies this year.  Oh yeah, the holidays are definitely in full swing!

We had a Goers' family Christmas party last night...and it was, by far, the best Goers' party we have had so far. Minnesota got hit with a serious blizzard this weekend, yet the party was still on...and once people got there, they didn't want to leave!  It was a wonderful way to start to celebrate the season with the people we care about.

The following are just some random shots over the last few weeks...

Snuggling with Daddy before bed...watching Scooby Do, I believe.

Ava loves getting piggy-back rides.  I didn't realize how exhausting it was! Love her big belly hanging out here.

She gets so tired of me taking pictures of her...

This doesn't even look like her...her hair looks so long!  And even when Ava looked at the picture, she thought it was Savannah from her daycare, instead of herself.

This is a model pose if I've ever seen one. What happened to the chubby cheeks??

Last weekend, we met up with Scott's sister and her kids to see Santa at Southdale.  She and Santa had a great conversation about Cinderella.  And even Santa commented about how good she did sitting on his lap, and just chatting.  At least she has Santa fooled!

Tara, Hunter, and Aidan

Aidan is very serious about things...

This is poor Scott after 3 hours of snowblowing.  His hat froze to his head, so he gave up on wearing it.  I like to sing about "Scott the Snowman" to the tune of Frosty...!

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