Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a Week

The weather has been unseasonably warm this fall, so we've been able to extend our outdoor projects just a bit.  This past week Scott's been working in the garden, cleaning everything out, and repairing the back wall of our garage.  Ava was such a good little helper, scooping up dirt, but still trying to keep her hands clean while doing it!

I swear, a box is all she needs to make her happy.

Princess Darla.

Princess Darla has had enough.  I personally like how she and Ava have the same expressions in this picture.
Apparently Spanky was bored - check out that yawn in the background!

We went down to Grand Meadow this weekend, and as always, it was so fun to see Ava and Isabel play together.  They actually had several little conversations with each other - and they were so polite while doing so! 

We even had them share a room last night...boy, that was a challenge.  I think they finally fell asleep around 10:00pm.  And of course, Ava was still up this morning around 7am.  When Scott went to get her up, she and Isabel were each laying in their own beds, chatting.  I had to wonder what they were talking about...

Running around the track - we were hoping to tire them out!  It didn't work.

It was gorgeous today!  So, instead of doing all of the things that we should be doing, we decided to spend the afternoon outside.  Ava decided to take a flying leap into her house...check it out!

And then she was bored.

Funny Ava moment for the weekend:  I started to change her diaper, and right as I was talking it off, she looked at me and said, "Surprise!"  That is never something you want to hear right as the diaper is about to come off!


Typical Suburban Family said...

LOVE the picture of her and the dog. They do have the EXACT same expression! That's awesome! How did you capture the dive?! Too funny! And the boredom pic-Love it! Thanks for the new post; I was going through Ava withdrawals!!!!

Lisa said...

That's so cute that Isabel and Ava shared a room and had "girl talk"! In some ways I'm looking forward to the day when Dylan and Jacob will share a room. Cute photos- love the one of her and Darla! Can you believe this weather?!? I absolutely love it.