Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Funny Things She Does

Little Ava has been playing so hard during the day (trying to take advantage of the nice weather before the snow flies, I'm sure!), but she also hasn't been doing too great at taking her afternoon naps.  We try to leave her alone for at least an hour when she fights her naps, but after that, the non-stop tears get to be a little too much to take.  On those days where she doesn't take a nap, she gets really crabby, really fast, right around bathtime.

Usually this means that as soon as we put her down for the night, she'll be out.  BUT, she's also taken to pulling all of her sheets, blankets and pillow off of the bed and putting them on the floor.  If she knew how to re-make her bed, it wouldn't be an issue, but c'mon...she's only two!  This is what we found the other night when we went to check on her. Clearly she was so tired, she couldn't even be bothered to go back into bed!

Just a few nights later, we found her passed out like this.  SO relaxed, for sure!

She's also becoming very entertaining at mealtimes.  In addition to saying the weirdest things at the best times, she's started making faces.  Scott only encourages this behavior by doing it right back to her...

Right now is one of those times where she should be napping, but instead, we're outside, and she's emptying out a box full of golf balls, one by one.  Hey, whatever keeps her entertained and out of trouble! 

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