Saturday, August 7, 2010

Look Who's Sassy...

My, my, my.  This week, Ava's sassy personality really came through.  I can't count how many times I have been hit, kicked, yelled at, and told to go away.  There might have even been an order or two to put me in timeout.  In addition to these fun new features, she's also copying everything we say.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Sometimes the end results are pretty cute.  I asked her to choose between banana pudding and brownie pudding, and somehow when she chose, it came out as "bunny" pudding.  Hm.  That's a new one.  We opted to skip the bunny flavor, and went with the banana cream pie instead.

Last night over dinner, Ava was getting extra sassy and the end result was a serious staredown between Scott and Ava.  I was an innocent bystander, and felt like I was at a tennis match to see who would break first.  Ava eventually popped out her lower lip and started to "cry" (at the age of two she is already a master of fake crying).  That was it - Scott started laughing, and once she saw him smile, it was done.  Ava had won this battle.  Scott often makes me laugh in the middle of an argument - apparently, she has inherited his same tension-breaking skills.  So hard not to laugh sometimes...

Since I'm usually the one holding the camera, we don't have a lot of pictures of Ava and me.  This week, we tried to remedy that a bit.

Ava wanted to watch the Disney Channel...and of course I got sucked into it, too.  I think I was supposed to be making dinner instead of watching Hannah Montana - but how could I turn down this cuddle time with my girl?

This was a fun one.  Ava and I were hanging out, taking self-portraits, and out of the blue, she hit me.  I started to lecture her about not hitting people, and as I was talking to her, she whispered, "I want Daddy..."  I think we need to teach her about internal monologue.

I laughed, regardless.

And then she put herself in timeout.

All done being naughty!  Or is she?

Nope!  Now we're dancing topless on a chair. 
I'm already worried about her going to Mexico for Spring Break...

Do you know how hard it is to do a self-portrait, without looking at the camera, turned away, with closed eyes?  She was full of kisses after her stint in timeout.

I was summoned upstairs last night to look at our little girl, channeling Al Bundy.  Nice.

We're looking forward to a relatively quiet week - Scott's got lots of side work scheduled, so Ava and I should be able to get in some quality mommy-daughter time!

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Anonymous said...

Love that she put herself in timeout. Owen puts his toys in timeout, but never himself. Haha!