Sunday, August 15, 2010

HOT Summer Days

The past few weeks have been incredibily hot and humid here in Minnesota.  To keep things cool, we've brought out Ava's little pool for her to splash around in.  She loves to scoop up all of the water from the pool into her toy bucket - most of the time, the water ends up on the grass, but as long as she's happy, we can always add more water!

Ava also received a vertical sprinkler toy for her birthday, and it looks like she's still not a fan of getting her hair and face wet.  So, instead we used it to water the garden!  The monster tomatoes enjoyed it.

Today we're going to try to go to the Splash Pool in So St Paul.  Grandma Deb took her there last month, and surprise! She didn't like getting her face wet, but it sounds like she had fun playing in the water.  I'm just hoping the weather is super hot and sunny, so we can really enjoy cooling off in the water.

It looks like she's been hanging out with the beagles too much...

She was very...precise in her placement of these letters.

Not a huge fan of vegetables, but we keep trying. 
Salad was definitely not an interest - she just kept licking the dressing off!

Hanging with Daddy...

Say cheese!

In addition to the splash pool, Scott is hoping to can his first batch of salsa today.  SO excited to see how it turns out!  Yummy!

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