Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Helllloooo Terrible Twos!

Oh yes, we officially have a two-year old.  And she's having fun throwing tantrums, yelling, pushing, and generally asserting her little self. But, that's ok - that's how she's going to grow up to be an amazing person.  It's just a little stressful right now.  One funny non-birthday story: last week, as we were giving her a bath, she threw her arms up in the air and yelled, "I'm AWESOME!"  And then she laughed.  Apparently we tell her that all of the time...nothing like giving a toddler an ego!

We had a GREAT birthday weekend!  My parents came in from Colorado on Friday afternoon, so they were able to spend some time with Ava on her actual birthday.  They couldn't believe how much she had changed since they saw her last (Christmas.)  It's crazy how much 6 months can change a kid - especially when it's 25% of their life at that point.

We also had Ava's two-year pictures taken on Saturday morning.  In the past, we have had a TON of pics to choose from to order.  Not this time.  And not for lack of trying.  Ava wanted nothing to do with the camera.  She looked everywhere but at the photographer.  Just as I was thinking I had the worst pciture-taking kid in the world, in came the next clients...also with a two year old girl...who wouldn't let go of her mom if her life depended on it.  Seriously, the mom was on the floor trying to get her daughter off of her.  At that point, I felt a little better...until I noticed the most proper little girl (two years old, of course), waiting for her turn.  Very nicely dressed, beautiful curly hair - very, very proper.  Until her mom tried to put a bow in he hair, and then she started screaming.  Once again, my self worth as a parent crept up a bit...hey, it's not just my child who can be a pain in public!  And you know what?  We did get a few cute shots, so that's really all that matters.

Saturday evening Darren, Tiff, and Isabel came over for a bit and we had the chance to catch up and have the girls play together.  It sounds like Isabel called Ava her best friend on the drive to our house....awwwww!  So sweet!

Sunday was the BIG day...party time!  Ava woke up crabby from her nap, and had absolutely no interest in opening her gifts, or even socializing much.  However, she thoroughly enjoyed eating the treats - especially chips and dip!  Sadly, we didn't learn from our Christmas gift opening adventure - we gave her a cool gift (toy microwave - yeah, it sounds dorky, but it's really sweet) in the middle of the gifts, and that's all she wanted to play with.  Sigh.  Eventually, I took over and opened the gifts for her.  I'm sure she'll grow out of that stage, right? :)

And then my parents left, and all was quiet once again.  We went to bed at 9:00pm on Sunday - we were absolutely beat down.  But, we're recovered, and ready to see what this child has in store for us this week.  Enough with the babbling...here are some pics!

Getting ready for her two-year pics - she loves those sunglasses!

Posing with Gramma Karen and Papa Doug

She's not quite tall enough to pedal...but she can stand!

Isabel loved Ava's laptop...I'm sensing a good idea for her birthday gift in October!

Notice who's working hard (me), and who's goofing off (Scott)

Tiff and my mom

Me and Tiff

Me and MY mommy!

The guys: Darren, Dad, and Scott

Right after Scott sat on Ava's tricycle and we heard a loud POP!

Lookin sassy on her party day - notice the "I'm Awesome" shirt!

Loving the chips and dip

Reading with Grandma Deb

Time to open gifts!  Kind of.

And then I took over. I'm TWO again!

Yummy cake - of which Ava had no interest.

The microwave...

There you have it.  I can't believe she's two - I'm not sure where the time went.  It's been the best two years of my life, thanks to that little girl.  I love her so much!  Happy, Happy Birthday Ava Lorraine!!

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Lisa said...

I'm SO glad to hear that I'm not the only one with the kid that won't cooperate w/ the photographer! We had someone come out here on Saturday morning to take family/maternity photos. It didn't go exactly how I envisioned it!

Love the birthday photos! Looks like she had a great party. Seriously- where does the time go??