Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Blessings

We had a wonderful Easter!  We started the morning off with french toast, sausage and banana smoothies, and ate our way through the rest of the day.  Yum!  The Easter Bunny came to visit Ava this year, but he seemed a little distracted.  She got an odd assortment of treats - a book, some barrettes, a veggie tales cucumber filled with jelly beans, and some Peeps!  Mommy's favorite!  Thanks Mr. Easter Bunny!

Anyway, I think we'll need to have a talk with the EB next year to make sure Ava gets more candy. :)  Ava did have a wonderful week leading up to Easter - she made 2 different craft projects (proudly displayed at Mommy's work), baked Easter cookies, dyed some eggs, had an egg hunt, and even came home with a bag full of candy.  Thank goodness Daycare Debi stepped up and filled the role of the EB this year. In the EB's defense, things have been a little crazy and busy, so don't be too hard on our furry friend.

We celebrated with Scott's mom's family in Cottage Grove.  Since I'm an only child, and Scott's brother doesn't have any kids, Ava doesn't have any first cousins.  But, she has a whole bunch of first cousins, once removed, and she had a blast playing with a few of them yesterday! 

I think Grandma Deb deserves a medal for how much energy she expended yesterday playing with the kids.  She entertained them for hours - blowing bubbles with them, spinning them around the yard like an airplane, swinging them, taking them (and me) for a long walk, and then showing them how to do a handstand and somersaults (if only I had gotten a picture of those activities...but I didn't Deb, so no worries!)  The girls just loved playing with Deb - although Ava got mighty jealous when Deb was holding Savante - the newest cousin and only boy! 

Ava thinks drawing on the card from Grandpa Bruce is more fun than opening it...

Look at how the dogs swarm when treats come out.  If only Spanky and Lucky liked Ava this much!

"Hmmm, these must be for my Mommy.  Did you know that many years ago, my Mommy once received an endless supply of Peeps for Easter?  So many that even she couldn't eat them all.  That's a lot of Peeps."

This was my Easter basket growing up...and very possibly the same grass.  Ava's not too sure about the fake stuff.

We decided to try out some sunglasses on Scooter.

And then on Ava.

Blowing bubbles!

So sweet...cousins Tatiana and Ava.

Ava loved chasing after the football - Grandma Deb even showed her how to kick it!

Lining up for the airplane ride a.k.a. Deb

Savante was too young this year, but next year, watch out!

I did tell Scott that next year I want to be sure to start talking to Ava about the meaning of Easter.  His reply was, "Oh, not about how it's a day to shoot the Easter Bunny?"  Yup, that's my hunter.  Sheesh.

Hope your Easter was blessed!

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Lisa said...

Oh Scott!!! I would expect nothing less from him! Looks like you all had a great Easter. And the weather was PERFECT for being outside! She looked adorable in her dress... and sunglasses!