Sunday, April 18, 2010

#1 Puppy

If you know us, you know we have three dogs.  Two of which aren't as kid-friendly as they should be, and one who is the most patient, loving dog imagineable.  I believe it's because Darla had 2 litters of her own, and she just gets it.  She will let Ava hug her, pet her, kiss her, attempt to ride her, and generally let Ava love her as much as she wants.  But now, Ava's trying something new: sunglasses.  I keep picturing an eyeball being popped out of its socket, but apparently, this isn't one of Darla's concerns. Just mine.  No biggie.

I haven't been successful in getting a pic with the desired results, but I'm sure an opportunity will come along soon enough...

Once Scott came back last weekend, we had a quick trip to the park.  Ava was good on the small playground, but then she was ready to take on the big kids playground.  She was totally flirting with a little boy that was there...what a surprise! :)

Check out that static!

And apparently, in the rest of our time, all we do is eat.  And not even healthy stuff...look at this: Peeps!  Popsicles!  What the heck are we thinking??

Her first Peep...

Mommy had to take deep breaths with this one...don't they make non-messy popsicles?

Ava loves to run around naked before her bath...this night, apparently she was going to the beach.  She's all set with her towel and my Tevas.  Who needs a swimming suit anyway?

Honestly, this picture is more for my enjoyment.  For some reason, Ava's placement of Elmo and the bunny in the chair made me giggle.  I thought it looked like Elmo was lecturing the bunny.  Scott thought it looked like Elmo was trying to get it on with the bunny.  It's the little things in life, right? :)

I leave tomorrow morning for my first business trip in almost 3 years.  I'm staffing a travel event in Palm Springs, CA, for one of my clients.  I have mixed emotions about leaving...I'm really excited to be traveling somewhere new, but at the same time, I'm going to be away from home for 8 days.  After tonight, I won't see Ava (and Scott) again until the morning of April 27.  That just seems so far away.  I know it'll be fine, but my heart is breaking just a little at the thought of it.  Plus, I'll be away from them on my birthday - yeah, I know, I'm a big girl now, and it really shouldn't matter, but it kinda does in this case.  Oh well, I'll shake it off and make the best of it.  Hopefully I'll get some great pics from the desert!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel about leaving. It's so hard to do; I think the most I've had to do is 2-3 nights. But enjoy it. Take a break. Sleep in. Have as much wine as you want and don't care about being hung over and having to have energy for a 2 year old. Have adult conversations. Go to a movie and to nice dinners. Oh wait. You said you're going to be travel staff?! No rest and relaxation for you ;-) No seriously though - enjoy a few days with adults only and treat yourself to a spa treatment for your birthday. Have a great time!! And happy birthday!!! Who are you traveling with?

Lisa said...

What is it with kids loving to be naked?? And that popsicle episode had to have you on the verge of a breakdown! But she sure looked like she enjoyed it! Darla is a saint. I hope you do something special for yourself on your birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm going through withdrawals and need a new Ava update. And I'm anxious to here how you did being away for a week..... we need a blog update soon!! Hint, hint!