Sunday, February 14, 2010

A weekend of love...

Ava LOVES going into our closet and pulling out all of my shoes (better the shoes than my dresser...more than once I have come into our bedroom with clothes scattered all over the floor.)  She seems particularly fascinated by our slippers.  She's learned this week to get my slippers and bring them to me, or get Daddy's slippers and bring them to him.  (It's not quite as "Doggy, fetch this!" as it sounds...!)  I got home late from work on Thursday night, and Scott was insistent that Ava bring me my slippers.  Of course, this was one time she just wasn't I went in to get them, and I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me on my dresser!

I'm so impressed that Scott bought them in advance!  When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I couldn't believe the swarm of men in the floral department. :)

We opted to stay in this year for Valentine's Day, so we had a wonderful dinner last night of t-bones, baked potatoes, and strawberry cupcakes.  It was much better than fighting the crowds for a romantic dinner!

Note to Gramma Karen and Grampa Doug:  we will NOT let her do this at your house...!

At some point during the evening last night, Ava decided she wanted to play in our full length curtains.  She had a great time getting twisted up and then un-twisting herself.  Too funny!


Ava truly enjoys her bathtime, and lately she's been laying down in the bubbles, even if the bathwater is draining.  Last night, she was singing as the water was going down.  Silly girl!

This morning we are going to enjoy a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls and then do some shopping.  And then relaxing...ahhhh...perfect!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Lisa said...

Good job on the flowers, Scott! Dylan likes to lay on his tummy in the tub too and pretends to swim. Love Ava rolling up in the curtains. We used to do that in my mom's old drapes. :)