Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's a Frog in the Bath...EEEEEEEEE!

Last Sunday I picked up a cute little wind-up frog for Ava's bathtime enjoyment.  Its little legs click-clack together, and propel it through the water once it is wound...super fun.  Unless you are Ava.  In that case, Ava's introduction to the froggy didn't go so well.  Scott wound it up, put it in the water, and let her go...right towards Ava.  She screamed a very loud, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and grabbed on to me for dear life.  She eventually came around to tolerating the frog in her bathwater, but she still kicks it or pushes it away from her when it gets too close.  Oh well...maybe I should have gone with the dolphin wind-up!

I took part of Friday off of work, and Ava and I had a nice breakfast of crumpets and strawberry syrup.  I turned my head away for 2 seconds, and she was licking the plate.  The end result reminded me of sticky Rudolph! 

Mommy bought some new boots last weekend, and Ava seems to really like the fur in the much so that she wanted to try to wear them around the house.  That didn't go so well - she's holding on to the table so she doesn't teeter over!

We've got a super busy day on this SuperBowl Sunday...we're going to have lunch with Scott's sister, see his cousin to pick up a few more clothes for Ava (thanks a million, Izzy!), and then off to Scott's mom and stepdad's house for a low-key party.  It should be a fun way to end the weekend before we get back to a busy week at work.  Can't wait to see those commercials during the game!

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Lisa said...

Poor Ava with the frog! That is so cute! I wouldn't want a frog coming near me either. And what is it with these kids trying to wear our boots? They are so funny.