Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flatware? Really?

I posted our blog so early last Sunday, that we didn't have any pics of Ava opening her little Valentine's day gift bag from us.  Nothing too big, just a few V-Day socks, snacks, a book, and a flatware set to keep in her little diaper bag.  She was most excited by the little bag of mini M&Ms.  And definitely least excited by the flatware.  Check it out.

Shaking the mini M&Ms...

Oh goody, just what I always wanted.  Flatware.

You may remember that Ava has a thing for headbands.  Since she managed to break my favorite black one, I bought her a set of her own.  At first she was wearing them around her neck like a necklace, but now she found a new way to be in fashion.  What a trendsetter!

This morning I was cleaning up after breakfast, and I heard her start counting.  I looked over at her little table, and noticed that she had a whole book set lined up across the table and was counting them.  Her favorite two books are at the beginning, of course (Pat-a-Cake and Three Little Kittens.)

In addition to her tendancy to wear hair accessories oddly, and line all of her books up like little soldiers, she also likes to put her toys in weird positions in her crib. Poor Scooter (the purple cat) has been subjected to this for months now.  And there Ava stands, as happy as can be.

One last big piece of news...we bought her a toddler bed!  It's on order right now, and should be coming in the next few weeks.  I had so much fun picking out new sheets and a comforter for her.  I was very practical with her crib bedding, and went fairly neutral - even more boyish than girly (blue, tan, and green), but I went 100% girl this time.  Her new comforter is bright yellow and pink with flowers.  I love it - and so does she!  I took it out last night to show Scott, and twice she ran right over to me and laid down on the floor, waiting to be covered up.  She stayed under the comforter for around three minutes, just laying there quietly, before we finally picked her up and took her in for a bath. 

I also bought a little pillow for her crib so she could get used to sleeping with one, and she immediately hugged it and did her little lean-over sleep move.  However, I checked on her 30 minutes later, just to make sure she was okay with the pillow, and I found it on top of her belly.  Silly kid.

I know I'm excited for the bed to get here, and I'd be willing to bet that little Scooter is, too!


Jean said...

A toddler bed already... I can't believe she's going to be two soon!! Where does the time go?! I can't wait to see pics of the new "girly" room!!!

Lisa said...

HA! I love the headband look! That is so cute. And poor little Scooter. That is just too cute. Hey- it's a good place for him- keeps him out of trouble! What kind of trouble a little purple stuffed kitty can get into, I'm not sure, but I'm sure Ava knows!