Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ava's New Bed

Ava's toddler bed was delivered much more quickly than we thought.  As soon as we brought it home, I made it a point to get it setup and ready to go.  I didn't want this to be a project that was delayed for weeks.  Ava was such a good little helper while Scott and I were assembling the bed.  She even read the directions...yeah!

Something's not right here...

This should help us out!

Almost done...

Will this thing hold my weight?

Yeah!  It's done!  And I'm NAKED!

Notice that we put the bed together in the living room...we didn't put it in her room that night, and I had a horrible thought that we wouldn't be able to get the fully assembled bed through her doorway.  With some careful maneuvering, we were able to slide it through.

It's a good thing we were ready to switch...not only was Scooter hanging behind the crib toy the next morning, Ava thought it would be nice to cover him up, so he couldn't see what torture was coming at him next.

She seems so surprised that he is there...

Back to the bed...on Friday night, we pulled it into her bedroom, and while I was in process of putting the new bedding on, she just couldn't stay off of it.  Yeah!

Here's the girly version!  Look at how happy she is to finally be surrounded by pink.  (Yes, I'm sure that is exactly what is making her smile.  A mother always knows.)  And even Scooter is not being hung in this new bed.  It was a great day for this kitty!

So, you might be wondering how the first night went.  It was great until 6am.  Ava never got up during the night to play with her toys (my biggest concern); however, at 6am she sat straight up, leaned back, and fell right out of bed (Scott's biggest concern.)  Perhaps Daddy knew best in this case.  He was downstairs feeding the dogs, and I was in our room, watching her on the monitor, so I saw the whole thing happen.  There was a big crash (well not that big, it's only a foot off the ground), but then there were tears and a little bit of fear.  After about 5 minutes of comforting, she laid back down and went to sleep. 

We took the crib out of her room last night, so now her bed is up against a wall - less chance for her to fall out!  I did need to go in last night and rearrange her...she was curled up in a ball, right next to the same opening she fell out of on Friday night.  So far, so good...she didn't get up from the bed throughout the night, and as of 7am, she didn't leave the bed involuntarily, either.  We'll see how long she's content playing in her room once she gets up.  This could mean extra sleep for Scott and I...yeah! 

I have a few more things to do to decorate her room, so once that's done, I'll post more pics.  Think PINK!

Totally non-bed related...we found her reading in the corner by the front door yesterday.  Silly kid.

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday...maybe today will be the day I sort out her clothes and get all of her 2T stuff ready to go.  And maybe not. :)

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