Monday, October 26, 2009

Isabel's Second Birthday!

This past weekend Scott, Ava and I drove down to Grand Meadow to celebate Isabel's second birthday. We hadn't been down there since June, so it was a great trip for us to catch up on everything. Isabel and Ava had so much fun's amazing what a difference 8 months in age makes. Overall, they played really well together, although it was a constant struggle on who was going to push the toy strollers (thank goodness there were two!), and also to push the mini shopping cart (think Barbie-sized...)

I think my favorite moment, however, was when Isabel came over to me with a dirty diaper, wanting to be changed. She laid down on the floor in front of me. Maybe 10 seconds later, Ava came over and laid down behind Isabel, copying her exact position with her legs in the air too! I think Isabel would be a GREAT influence on Ava!!

The birthday party was very fun, and Isabel received all sorts of neat gifts...Ava was completely taken with the tea set, and was carrying around the tea pot and cup for most of the party. I'm thinking ahead for Ava's next birthday...!

Saturday afternoon we carved pumpkins while Scott was bow hunting (side note: he got a deer, and we had to bring it back with us.  In my car.  Ok, in the trunk, but still...yuck!)

No, Ava didn't carve this one, even though it does look like a child did it...that would be my handiwork!

After a while, Isabel got bored with the pumpkins and was eating Cheetos and playing with her doctor kit instead.

During the evening, they both managed to get a piece of bread, some more Cheetos, and somehow Isabel lost her pants!  I can't believe Isabel folded herself up so small to get into the toy playpen!  Ava looks HUGE next to her!

Finally, it was bedtime...Ava was ready to zonk out, but Isabel still had some energy left in her.  She saw Ava on the video monitor and watched her for a little bit...that was super cute!

Megan and Erik also happened to be in the area, so we had a little "Wednesday Night" reunion after both kids were in bed.  It was great!  Now that we all live at least an hour apart, we don't get to see each other too much.  And Megan and Erik are expecting their first baby in February, so both Isabel and Ava will have a new little one to show the ropes to!

Happy Halloween to you and your family!


Megan said...

Wow, you really went all out with the posts. I didn't even realize there were multiple ones til i came back stalking again.

Isabel's hair is so long! She looks so grown up. I love the picture of her in the little crib too. It looks like they had lots of fun together!! If we have a girl it could complete the trio. Although if its a boy, I'm not sure how much we'll want to hang around all 3 men - they might teach him bad things...haha

Lisa said...

Isabel is getting so big! And I still like your pumpkin- even if it looks child-like!